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Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

State Employee Mediator Program (SEMPR)

The Department of Justice (DOJ) developed and administers a Roster of Oregon state agency employees with skill in mediation and facilitation. The State Employee Mediator Program (SEMPR) was developed for state agencies seeking a fast and economical way to resolve workplace interpersonal disputes and other conflicts in their agency. The program is authorized under ORS 183.502(9) and works in cooperation with the "Shared Neutrals" program of the Oregon Federal Executive Board.

SEMPR is not meant to be used for matters that require significant mediator time, or matters in which the process could more effectively or efficiently be conducted by a mediator or facilitator who is not affiliated with state government (i.e., matters in which the dispute is in litigation or matters in which a public employee could be perceived as being biased by the participants.)

To obtain a mediator or facilitator from this resource:

  1. The state agency seeking a mediator or facilitator contacts the DOJ ADR Coordinator.
  2. The ADR Coordinator checks the state roster or contacts the Federal Shared Neutrals program to see who is available and has the appropriate experience (normally two employees are assigned to a matter: A lead and a co-mediator or facilitator).
  3. The Employee-mediator checks with his or her agency to get permission to mediate or facilitate this specific matter.
  4. An interagency agreement may be executed between the agencies to clarify the arrangement or any expense reimbursement that may be needed.

Oregon State Employees who are interested in participating in the program as mediators or facilitators must submit an Employee Data Form and have the written approval of their agency.

For additional information contact the DOJ ADR Coordinator

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