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Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Selected Conflict Management and ADR related Law, Rule and Policy

Executive Orders


  • ORS 183.502  Authority, goals and purpose of agency ADR Programs
  • ORS 36  "Mediation and Arbitration."  This chapter includes Oregon's mediation confidentiality statutes (ORS 36.220 to 36.238.)

Agency and Model Rules

Agency rules:

Court Rules & Procedures

PARTICIPATION IN APPROPRIATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION -(1) Every civil and family law case shall be subject to subsection (2) of this rule. (2) All parties and their attorneys, if any, are required to participate in some form of appropriate dispute resolution, beyond negotiation directly or indirectly to reach a joint settlement, including, but not limited to, arbitration, mediation or judicial settlement conference. The parties must sign and file, within 270 days from the filing of the first complaint or petition in the action, a certificate indicating that the parties have participated in such ADR mechanisms.

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