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Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Personal Services Contract for Mediator / Facilitator Services

The Department of Justice has developed the following two contract forms for mediation services. (Note that mediators found on the ADR Roster use a Service Order Contract rather than the contract forms found below. These Service Order Contracts are forms that are available on the ADR Roster webpage).

1 - The Mediator Personal Services Contract may be used by any state agency for mediation and facilitation services. The form lays out the impartial relationship of the contractor to the parties to the mediation and the expectation that the mediator will disclose to both the agency and the other party any potential conflicts; Addresses the confidential nature of certain mediator communications by limiting agency access to the contractor work product; Allows for other parties to share the costs of the contractor/mediator; and References limitations on mediator liability found in ORS 36.210.

2- The Mediator Personal Services Contract form for Litigation-Related Mediation Services. This is a simplified version of the Mediator Personal Services Contract that can be used for litigation-related mediator procurements under ORS 279A.025(2)(e).

Additional information regarding mediator procurement is available at http://www.doj.state.or.us/adr/adr31.shtml

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