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Fundraising for Nonprofits

Professional Fundraising

Registration Requirements: All for-profit and mutual benefit nonprofit organizations, and individuals who solicit donations for and on behalf of nonprofit organizations are required to register with the Department of Justice. This requirement does not apply to volunteers or employees of the nonprofit organizations. Many charities and other nonprofit organizations use professional and commercial fundraising firms to conduct their fundraising campaigns for them. Firms conducting professional campaigns ask for donations only, whereas, firms conducting "commercial" campaigns sell a product or service with the promise that a portion of the proceeds will be given to a nonprofit organization.

Registering a Professional or Commercial Fundraising firm with the Charitable Activities Section

Who must register?
  • For-profit companies and individuals who solicit on behalf of nonprofit organizations.
  • Mutual benefit nonprofit corporations who solicit on behalf of other nonprofit organizations.

To register, send a completed registration form and $250 to the Department of Justice.

Download a PF10/PF20 Fundraising Firm Annual Registration form

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The following individuals/organizations are NOT required to register as Professional or Commercial Fundraising firms:

  • Volunteers of the nonprofit organization
  • Paid employees of the nonprofit organization (a paid employee is one whose paycheck shows the required deductions for state and/or federal income taxes). An "independent contractor" who is paid a percentage of his revenue as compensation and is responsible for his own tax reporting is not an employee and must register as a professional fundraising firm.

Statutes and Rules Governing Oregon Nonprofits

If you are uncertain whether you must register with the Department of Justice, please call our office during normal business hours at (971) 673-1880 and ask for the Professional Fundraising Registrar.

Campaign Notice

All registered professional and commercial firms must submit a solicitation campaign notice and required attachments 10 days prior to the start of the solicitation campaign. The required attachments include the following items:

  • Contract with the nonprofit organization to receive funds and whose name is used in the course of the solicitations
  • Written financial plan which includes a good-faith projection of the revenues and expenses of the campaign
  • Telephone scripts
  • Written materials showing the required disclosure statement

Download a PF11/PF21 Fundraising Firm Solicitation Campaign Notice form

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Financial Report

All registered professional and commercial fundraising firms must submit a financial report within 90 days from the end of the solicitation campaign unless the donations were collected and controlled solely by the nonprofit beneficiary. The financial report requires the following cost breakdown:
  • Amount paid to nonprofit beneficiary
  • Total cost of goods and/or services sold
  • Total direct costs of solicitation
  • Amount retained by fundraising firm as profit
  • Gross campaign revenue

Download a PF12 Fundraising Firm Solicitation Campaign Report form

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