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Oregon Scam Alert Network Archive

If you would like to be notified of emerging scams, fraud and other consumer threats as they arise, please join the Oregon Scam Alert Network.

Date Scam Alert
03-15-17 Fake News!
01-30-17 Take Action on Data Privacy!
09-23-16 Yahoo Breach? Read This!
06-10-16 Ransomware Alert!
04-08-16 Beware of an Email Phishing Tax Scam from "The Boss"
12-18-15 Wise Giving: A New Holiday Tradition!
12-10-15 Put Down the Remote and Read This! You May be Entitled to Money!
10-08-15 Experian Breach Exposes T-Mobile Customers: What You Need to Know
09-23-15 You're Invited to Scam Jam Bend!
06-23-15 AG Rosenblum Runs Nationwide Magazine Subscription Scam Out of Business; Settles Lawsuit for $3 Million
06-01-15 Hackers Target IRS Website -- 4 Tips to Keep You Safe
05-15-15 Hackers Targeting Starbucks Mobile Users
04-22-15 You're Invited to Scam Jam Eugene!
03-02-15 Attorney General Rosenblum Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaints List
11-14-14 Beware of Phone Scam Targeting Utility Customers
10-27-14 Oregon Attorney General and Sec. of State Announce Settlement to Protect Businesses from Deceptive Mailings
10-10-14 10 Ways to Avoid Moving Scams
04-30-14 Hit Delete on this Phony Email from "Ellen F. Rosenblum"
04-08-14 Hang Up on Fake Tax Collectors!
01-16-14 Watch Out for Phony Donors!
01-13-14 Watch Out for Counterfeit Ticket Scams
11-25-13 10 Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping
10-28-13 Hang Up On Credit Card Imposters!
10-01-13 You're Invited to the Scam Jam!
09-12-13 Do you know how to distinguish a scammer from the real Cover Oregon?
09-05-13 Oregon Attorney General Notifies Consumers of MoneyGram Refunds
08-22-13 Watch Out for Medical Card Scams
08-08-13 Locked Out? Don't Fall for this Locksmith Scam!
07-17-13 The Enemy At Home: Military Consumer Protection Day Calls Out Financial Threats To Service Members, Veterans, and their Families
06-11-13 DOJ's Charity Legislation Passed, Eliminates Tax Deduction for Donors to Rogue Charities
05-29-13 Hang Up On Medical Alert Imposters!
05-28-13 5 Tips to Avoid a Timeshare Resale Scam
05-15-13 Phishing Scam
05-14-13 6 Signs It's a Travel Scam
04-22-13 Door-to-Door Sales Spring Into Action!
04-16-13 Attorney General Urges Caution on Marathon Bombing Appeals
04-09-13 Beware: Internet Love Scam!
04-04-13 Watch Out! The Text Message Scam is Back!
03-27-13 Beware of Con Artists Impersonating Police Officers!
03-07-13 Grandparent Scam Alert
11-20-12 Holiday Online Shopping Warning
05-31-12 Watch Out For Bogus Text Messages
04-02-12 Bogus Tax Prep
01-19-12 Fake Foreclosure Review Offers
12-21-11 Card Services
11-22-11 Black Friday Survival Tips
08-29-11 Wells Fargo Phishing Scam
07-27-11 Green Dot Sweepstakes Scam
07-06-11 Computer Unsecurity
06-14-11 Fake FBI Emails
05-03-11 Fake Osama Bin Laden Footage
04-13-11 Fake Telemarketers Targeting Oregon Businesses
04-06-11 Epsilon Data Breach
03-15-11 Japan Disaster Relief And Video Footage
03-01-11 Smartraiser
02-10-11 Bogus Travel Emergency
02-03-11 Fake Debt Collectors
12-21-10 'Tis The Season For Scams?
12-10-10 Fake BCS Tickets And Travel Packages
10-06-10 Fashion Model Rip-Off
08-31-10 Timeshare Nightmare
08-13-10 Door-To-Door Magazine Scam
06-18-10 Beware Bogus Sweepstakes Letters
06-11-10 Con Artists Taking Advantage Of Medicare Rebate
03-18-10 Free Puppies
03-08-10 Phishing In Central Oregon
02-11-10 Don't Fall For The V-Day Sweetheart Scam
01-25-10 Attorney General Kroger Warns Of Tax Preparer Scams
01-13-10 Watch Out For Haiti Earthquake Scams
01-06-10 Attorney General Kroger Warns Of Health Product Scams
11-25-09 Be Alert For Fake Civil War Tickets
11-23-09 Tips For Wise Internet Holiday Shopping
11-02-09 Grandparent Phone Scam On The Rise
10-14-09 Fake U.S. Census Scam
09-21-09 Fake IRS Stimulus Checks

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