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Frequently Asked Questions about the LCD Antitrust Case

I received notice of a class action settlement of antitrust claims against LCD panel manufacturers. Is this the same case?

Many cases have been brought against LCD manufacturers seeking money damages because of the conspiracy described at Oregon LCD Antitrust Litigation. Separate from the Attorney General's action, two private class actions have settled claims with some of the defendants – one representing indirect purchasers and one representing direct purchasers.

What is the difference between a "direct" purchase and an "indirect" purchase?

Any purchase of an LCD product from a person or company that is not one of the defendants (or listed as part of the conspiracy in the complaint) is an "indirect" purchase. For example, purchases of LCD products from retail stores (such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy) or even from most computer "manufacturers" (such as Dell or Gateway) are "indirect" purchases, because the actual seller either did not manufacture the LCD product or the LCD panel itself.

How do I know if I am part of the Attorney General's case or one of the private indirect class action settlements?

The private class actions do not represent the State of Oregon, local governmental entities, or natural persons for recovery of any money for indirect purchases made in Oregon. If you indirectly purchased an LCD product (a laptop, computer monitor, or television) in Oregon between January 1, 2002, and at least December 11, 2006, then the Attorney General represents your claim, and the private class action settlements cannot affect your claim for damages.

Where can I learn more about the private class action settlements?

If you purchased an LCD panel or product outside of Oregon directly from one of the defendants, your claim might be represented by the private class action for direct purchasers. Settlements with most of the defendants have already gone through the final approval process at the District Court. You can learn more about the direct class action settlements at:

If you indirectly purchased an LCD product in another state (not Oregon), the private class action settlement for indirect purchasers may affect you. The indirect private class action has received preliminary approval from the District Court for settlements with several defendants. You can learn more about the private indirect class action settlements at:

I indirectly bought an LCD product in Oregon while living in Oregon, so when can I get payment from the Attorney General's action?

As defendants settle with the Attorney General, or the Attorney General wins at trial, court-approved notice will be provided to Oregonians of that recovery. Once the case is completed, there will be a claims process to submit your information. Only after all claims have been processed will funds be distributed. Additional information about the settlement and claims process will be posted to this website in the future, as the case proceeds.

What if I am part of this case, and I do not want to be?

Oregon local government entities and natural persons will be given an opportunity to opt out of the Oregon Attorney General's case. If the Attorney General wins at trial, or if any defendants settle before trial, the Attorney General will provide notice of the necessary steps to opt out of this action, and the time period to do so. That information will be posted on this website and additional notice will be published throughout the state.


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