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Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum

Oregon Department of Justice - Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum
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Administrative Services

Marc Williams, Division Administrator


Administration provides the coordination and policy direction for all Administrative Services functions in the Department. Additionally Administration provides coordination with Oregon State Bar dues and local Bar memberships.

Accounting Services
Manager: Maria Young

The Accounting Services Section of ASD is responsible for the DOJ fiscal and business functions. There are two units within the Accounting Services Section:

  • Accounting Services is responsible for recording revenues, paying bills, reimbursing expenses, accounting and reporting for federal grants, preparing financial statements, calculating indirect cost rates, tracking delinquent debts and audit coordination.
  • Billing Services is responsible for accumulating the time from legal divisions' staff, creating the monthly invoices for client agencies, collecting the payments in a timely fashion, and responding to customer questions and concerns.

Human Resources
Manager: Bob Koreski

This section provides human resources services for DOJ's approximately 1,300 employees. Managers should use Human Resources for advice in all areas of employee supervision. The Section's services include:

  • Payroll and Benefits Services
  • Employee/labor relations
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Affirmative action
  • Employee assistance program
  • Coordination of safety program
  • Workers' Compensation claims management
  • Coordination of injured workers program
  • Position classification and allocation
  • Personnel action processing
  • Coordination of Department-wide training
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Personnel record maintenance

Information Services
Chief Information Officer: Lorrin King

This section provides centralized information services planning for DOJ. In addition, I.S. staff provides support for all computer and network projects within the legal divisions. These services include:

  • Information system planning and development
  • Operation and support of the Department's computer systems and network services
  • Oversees all technology-related acquisitions for the department
  • Supports client/server data systems that provide case management to the legal divisions
  • Maintains an online system to track time for personnel who bill their time
  • Provides or coordinates training for new applications
  • Provides training for new employees on department software
  • Assists users with computer-related questions through the Customer Support Center

Director of Facilities Management & Procurement: Archana Thapa-Sherpa

The Operations Section oversees DOJ's physical facilities and is the contact for questions related to space planning, leasing, and all things related to your office building. They also serve as the liaison with DAS on questions related to state central services such as facilities, printing, motor pool, and purchasing. This section also provides the following services:

  • Procurement
  • Facilities Management
  • Mail
  • Supply
  • Inventory
  • DOJ Publications
  • CLEs
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