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Restitution Reform Task Force

In May 2003, Attorney General Hardy Myers announced the formation of a task force to review the restitution system in Oregon. The Task Force includes a broad spectrum of participants from around the state. In addition to reviewing the status of restitution in Oregon, the group will look at programs throughout the United States to identify best practices and determine what improvements can be made in our own state.

The Task Force will conclude its work by January of 2003. Any legislative proposals will be submitted for the 2003 Legislative session.

The meeting times and agendas are posted below.

June 3, 2002

Restitution Reform Task Force

Oregon State Capitol, Room 350

June 3, 2002, 1:00 p.m.


1. Self-introduction of Task Force Members
2. Opening remarks - Attorney General Hardy Myers

  • Introduction
  • Goal statement - What kind of system do we want to have?

3. Description of the Oregon process - Fred Boss

  • Applicable statutes and rules
  • Flowchart


4. National perspective of restitution reform - Susan Howley, Director of Public Policy, National Center for Victims of Crime

  • Review of other states
  • Review of Colorado's work

5. Issues and barriers in Oregon

  • Victims viewpoint
  • Group discussion

6. Work groups

  • Completion of assignment preference forms
  • Charge to the work groups
  • Timeline/scheduling of next meeting
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