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River Paddle Town Halls

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Oregon is a stunningly beautiful state. Unfortunately, we have a lot of work to do if we want to keep it that way. One challenge is water quality. Right now, every major river in Oregon fails federal clean water standards. The first step we need to take toward cleaner, healthier rivers is proper enforcement of our environmental laws. River Paddle Town HallThat is why Attorney General Kroger partnered with legislative leaders in 2009 to create the state's first environmental crimes enforcement unit.

We also need more civic education and active engagement. In order to increase public attention to the health of Oregon's rivers we have been holding River Paddle Town Halls across the state. Representatives from environmental advocacy groups join Attorney General Kroger, officials from DEQ, other agencies and local governments for a paddle tour of one of Oregon's rivers. Many stretches of our rivers are beautiful and abundant with aquatic life. But there are also some disturbing signs, including many unfiltered stormwater run-off points and garbage dumped along the banks. After the paddle, an open forum is held with concerned citizens to exchange ideas and opinions about how our community can come together and do more.

River Paddle Town HallAttorney General Kroger is committed to doing everything in his power to better protect Oregon's environment and safeguard our citizens' health and well-being. To make lasting progress, we want and need your help. If you would like to be notified of a River Paddle Town Hall in your area, please sign up to receive updates from the Department and its efforts to combat environmental crime.

If you have witnessed an environmental crime, we want to know about it. Please file a report through our website.

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