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Kids & Teens ... Surf Safely
Before going online, talk with your parents about what types of websites and online activities you are interested in, and develop rules for your Internet use.
It's a matter of safety.
NetSmartz is the ideal place to learn more about Internet safety, so you can learn to avoid the risks of being online. Help Clicky and his friends play games, solve puzzles, scribble in coloring books and more. There's lots to do on this website, so you may want to bookmark it so you can come back to it later for more fun! NetSmartz Kids| NetSmartz Teens| NetSmartz
Never give out personal information such as your address, telephone number, full name, parent's address or telephone number, or the name and location of your school to anyone online. Do not include personal information in an online profile, and use a screen name that is different from your real name and your e-mail address.
There are places on the Internet that are for adults only. If you find yourself in one of those places, immediately tell your parents how you got to the adult area and how you feel about what you saw.
Never respond to messages or bulletin board items that are sexually suggestive, obscene, threatening, or that make you feel uncomfortable for any reason. If someone harasses you online, says anything inappropriate, or does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, give a copy of the message to your parents immediately and contact your Internet service provider (ISP).
Delete all e-mails from senders you don't know without opening them. They could contain bad stuff like viruses or sexual explicit material.
The Surf Swell Island site is an adventure game where your favorite Disney friends help you to become a safer online surfer. To enter the password-protected Treasure Palace you must collect a jewel from each of the three games and guide Mickey through the Challenge of Doom. Disney Online Surf Swell Island
Never agree to get together with someone you met online without your parents' permission. If your parents agree to the meeting, the meeting should be in a public place and your parents should go with you.
If you are having problems at home, with your friends, or at school, the Internet or an online friend may not be the best place to go for help. An "online" friend may not be interested in truly being your friend, and may try and take advantage of you when you are feeling down. Talk to your parents, a counselor, a teacher, or another adult you trust.
CyberNetiquette Comix is an entertaining, interactive way for families to learn valuable lessons about online safety. Join classic Disney characters for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips. Parents and children are encouraged to enjoy and discuss these interactive fables together. Disney Online CyberNetiquette Comix
If you "chat" in chat rooms, remember that some users are not who they say they are and may be interested in illegal activities such as identity theft or sexually abusing minors. A person who says "she" is a 14-year-old girl from New York that is looking for a friend may really be a 42-year-old man from California who doesn't really want to be "friends." The Internet can be a lot of fun, but use caution when chatting with people you "meet" online.
Never send pictures to someone you meet online without discussing it with your parents first. Once the picture is sent you can never get it back, and it becomes the property of everyone it is sent to.
Tell your parents if someone or something that you come across online makes you feel uncomfortable.
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