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Environmental Crime Report Form

To report an emergency please dial 911 immediately. This form is intended to inform the Department of Justice about potential environmental crimes but is not intended to be a substitute for reporting spills, leaks or other potentially illegal activity to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or local emergency responders.

Please be advised that under Oregon law the Attorney General cannot act as your private attorney or give you legal advice. Deadlines may prevent you from starting a lawsuit if you wait too long. Filing this complaint does not change those deadlines or guarantee the results you want. You may wish to contact a private attorney.

This complaint will become part of our permanent records. Complaints may be released to the business or person about whom you are complaining, members of the public, or other agencies attempting to establish ongoing conduct that may violate Oregon's environmental laws. This form is also subject to Oregon's Public Records Law and may be disclosed to persons who request to review its contents.

You are not required to provide contact information about yourself. However, incomplete information may prevent our being able to contact you if additional information is needed to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted. Providing contact information ensures that appropriate communications are possible and may be shared with other appropriate agencies or entities engaged in investigating the tip or complaint. If you are having trouble using this form please call 503-378-6002.

Information about you.

If you wish your identify to remain confidential, please check the box in the complainant contact information section. DOJ & DEQ will make a good faith effort to keep that information as a nonpublic, confidential submission, according to Oregon’s Public Records Law.

I would like to remain confidential
First Name:    
Last Name:    
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Day Phone:    
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Information about the suspected violator.

Mailing Address:    
City, State, Zip:        

Information about your complaint.

Date of Incident :    
The suspected violation is still occurring.
Details of Incident:    

Note - If you print this form, only the text visible in the box will print. If you submit this form, all text will be sent.

Please tell us how you would characterize the suspected violation:
(Please check one from each row)
Nature of Intent:
Nature of Violation:
Violation Type:
Nature of Suspected Violator:


Have you shared this information with any other agency?
If yes, please list which agency and provide contact information if known.
Agency Phone Number:    
Agency Contact Person:    

To submit this information, click Submit.  


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