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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q.Are the Planning Authority meetings subject to the Public Meetings law?

2.Q.How does the bill relate to non-lethal use of deadly physical force?

3.Q.Would the AG be willing, prior to the Planning Authority's formal submission, to give Planning Authorities a "preview" of the AG's ultimate likely decision?
A.Good idea. The AG will do this.

4.Q.How is "deadly physical force" defined for purposes of SB 111?

5.Q.What about city police departments footed in more than one county? e.g., Lake Oswego, Salem

6.Q.Are there similar laws in other states?

7.Q.If an officer in hot pursuit travels into an adjoining county and the deadly force incident happens there, which plan applies?

8.Q.May the District Attorney or Sheriff delegate the responsibility of chairing the Planning Authority to a subordinate official from their respective offices?

9.Q.Is a city without a police department entitled to "vote" on approval of the plan?

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