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Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Manual 2014 - Table of Contents

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  I.A. Who Has the Right to Inspect Public Records
  I.B. Who is Subject to the Public Records Law?
    I.B.1. Public Bodies
I.B.2. Private Bodies
  I.C. What Records Are Covered by the Law?
    I.C.1. Writing
I.C.2. Prepared, Owned, Used or Retained
  I.D. How Can a Person Inspect or Obtain Public Records?
    I.D.1. Making a Request
I.D.2. Records Custodian
I.D.3. Ackowledging a Request
I.D.4. Proper and Reasonable Opportunity to Inspect
I.D.5. Copying
I.D.6. Public Body Prerogatives
      I.D.6.a. Protective Rules
I.D.6.b. Fees
I.D.6.b.(1) Fee Schedules
I.D.6.b.(2) Waiver or Reduction of Fees
I.D.6.b.(2)(a) Prohibitions on Fee Waivers / Reductions
I.D.6.b.(2)(b) Public Interest Test
I.D.6.b.(2)(c) Decision on Fee Waiver or Reduction
I.D.6.c. Consultation with Legal Counsel
I.D.6.d. Retention and Destruction of Public Records
    I.D.7. Oregon Transparency Website
  I.E. What Public Records Are Exempt from Disclosure?
    I.E.1. The Nature of the Exemptions
I.E.2. What are Conditional and Unconditional Exemptions from Disclosure?
I.E.3. What Is "The Public Interest in Disclosure"?
I.E.4. The Catalogue of Exemptions
      I.E.4.a. The Personal Safety Exemption
I.E.4.b. The Public Employee Photo ID Badge and Card Exemption
I.E.4.c. Concealed Handgun License Holder Information Exemption
I.E.4.d. The "Conditional" Exemptions of ORS 192.501
        I.E.4.d.(1) Public Records Pertaining to Litigation
I.E.4.d.(2) Trade Secrets
I.E.4.d.(3) Criminal Investigatory Material
I.E.4.d.(4) Tests and Examination Material
I.E.4.d.(5) Business Records Required to be Submitted
I.E.4.d.(6) Real Estate Appraisal Information
I.E.4.d.(7) Employee Representation Cards
I.E.4.d.(8) Civil Rights Investigation Material
I.E.4.d.(9) Unfair Labor Practice Complaints
I.E.4.d.(10) Debt Collection Agency Investigation Records
I.E.4.d.(11) Archaeological Site Information
I.E.4.d.(12) Personnel Discipline Actions
I.E.4.d.(13) Information about Threatened or Endangered Species
I.E.4.d.(14) Faculty Research
I.E.4.d.(15) Computer Programs for the Use of Public Bodies
I.E.4.d.(16) Agricultural Producer Indebtedness Mediation Data
I.E.4.d.(17) Unsafe Workplace Investigation Materials
I.E.4.d.(18) Public Safety Plans
I.E.4.d.(19) Telecommunications Utility Audits
I.E.4.d.(20) Residence Address of Elector
I.E.4.d.(21) Housing Authority and Urban Renewal Agency Records
I.E.4.d.(22) Interference with Property or Services
I.E.4.d.(23) Security Measures
I.E.4.d.(24) OHSU and OUS Donation Records
I.E.4.d.(25) OUS Donation Records
I.E.4.d.(26) Commodity Commission Filers
I.E.4.d.(27) Financial Transfer Records
I.E.4.d.(28) Social Security Numbers in Particular Court Records
I.E.4.d.(29) Student Electronic Mail Addresses
I.E.4.d.(30) OHSU Medical Researcher Records
I.E.4.d.(31) Personal Information of Public Safety Officers Appearing in Certain Records
I.E.4.d.(32) Personal Information of Certain Government Attorneys
I.E.4.d.(33) Land Management Plans
I.E.4.d.(34) SAIF Corporation Business Records
I.E.4.d.(35) Public Safety Officer Investigations
I.E.4.d.(36) Medical Examiner Records
I.E.4.d.(37) Ongoing Audits of Public Bodies
      I.E.4.e. The Exemptions of ORS 192.502
        I.E.4.e.(1) Internal Advisory Communications
I.E.4.e.(1)(a) Types of Records
I.E.4.e.(1)(b) Balancing Disclosure and Nondisclosure
I.E.4.e.(2) Personal Privacy Exemption
I.E.4.e.(2)(a) Personal Information
I.E.4.e.(2)(b) Unreasonable Invasion of Privacy
I.E.4.e.(2)(c) Balancing Disclosure and Nondisclosure
I.E.4.e.(2)(d) Application of Exemption
I.E.4.e.(3) Public Employee Addresses, Social Security Numbers, Birth Dates and Telephone Numbers
I.E.4.e.(4) Confidential Submissions
I.E.4.e.(5) Corrections and Parole Board Records
I.E.4.e.(6) Lending Institution Records
I.E.4.e.(7) Presentence and Probation Reports
I.E.4.e.(8) Federal Law Exemption
I.E.4.e.(9) Other Oregon Statutes Establishing Specific Exemptions
I.E.4.e.(9)(a) In General
I.E.4.e.(9)(b) Attorney-Client Privilege
I.E.4.e.(10) Transferred Records
I.E.4.e.(11) Security Programs for Transportation of Radioactive Material
I.E.4.e.(12) PERS Nonfinancial Information about Members
I.E.4.e.(13) Records Relating to the State Treasurer or OIC Publicly Traded Investments
I.E.4.e.(14) Records Relating to the State Treasurer or OIC Investment in Private Fund or Asset
I.E.4.e.(15) Public Employees Retirement Fund and Industrial Accident Fund Monthly Reports
I.E.4.e.(16) Abandoned Property Reports
I.E.4.e.(17) Economic Development Information
I.E.4.e.(18) Transient Lodging Tax Records
I.E.4.e.(19) Information for Obtaining Court-Appointed Counsel
I.E.4.e.(20) Workers' Compensation Claim Records
I.E.4.e.(21) OHSU Sensitive Business Records
I.E.4.e.(22) OHSU Candidates for University President
I.E.4.e.(23) Library Records
I.E.4.e.(24) Housing and Community Services Department Records
I.E.4.e.(25) Forestland Geographic Information System
I.E.4.e.(26) Public Sale or Purchase of Electric Power
I.E.4.e.(27) Klamath Cogeneration Project
I.E.4.e.(28) Public Utility Customer Information
I.E.4.e.(29) Alternative Transportation Addresses
I.E.4.e.(30) Oregon Corrections Enterprises
I.E.4.e.(31) Confidential Submissions to DCBS
I.E.4.e.(32) County Elections Security Plans
I.E.4.e.(33) Security Programs
I.E.4.e.(34) Paternity or Support Judgments or Judicial Orders
I.E.4.e.(35) SAIF Corporation Employer Account Records
I.E.4.e.(36) SAIF Corporation Claimant Records
I.E.4.e.(37) Military Discharge Records
I.E.4.e.(38) Domestic Violence Service or Resource Center Records
I.E.4.e.(39 Presciption Drug Monitoring Records
    I.E.5. Separation of Exempt and Nonexempt Material
I.E.6. Records More than 25 Years Old
I.E.7. Health Services Records
  I.F. May a Public Body Voluntarily Disclose an Exempt Record Selected Persons without Waiving Exemption Generally?
  I.G. Where and How Does a Person Proceed if Access Is Refused?
    I.G.1. Petitions to the Attorney General 
      I.G.1.a. Role of the Attorney General
I.G.1.b. General Procedures
I.G.1.c. Health Professional Regulatory Boards
    I.G.2. Petitions to the District Attorney
I.G.3. Elected Officials
I.G.4. Court Proceedings
I.G.5. The Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOJA) 
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX A - Answers to Questions Commonly Asked About the Public Records Law

Sample Request for Disclosure of Public Records
Sample Written Procedure for Public Records Request
Sample Response Acknowledge Public Records Request
Certification of True Copy (Paper Records)
Certification of True Copy (Electronic Records)
Petition for Attorney General's or District Attorney's Review
Helpful Hints for Responding to Public Records Requests 

  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX C - Summaries of Oregon Appellate Court Decisions on Public Records
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX D - Index to the Oregon Attorney General's Formal Opinions, Informal Opinions and Public Records Orders
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX E - Summaries of Oregon Attorney General's Formal Opinions and Selected Informal Opinions Concerning Public Records
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX F - Summaries of Selected Public Records Orders Issued by the Oregon Attorney General
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX G - Statutes Affecting Disclosure
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX H - Attorney General's Uniform Rules for Personal Safety Exemption
  PUBLIC RECORDS LAW APPENDIX I - Oregon Revised Statutes
  Special Note: Role of the Attorney General
  II.A. Policy of the Public Meetings Law
  II.B. Bodies Subject to the Law
    II.B.1. Governing Bodies of Public Bodies
      II.B.1.a. Authority to Make Decisions for a Public Body
II.B.1.b. Authority to Make Recommendations to a Public Body
    II.B.2. Private Bodies
II.B.3. Federal and Multi-Jurisdictional Bodies
  II.C. Meetings Subject to the Law
    II.C.1. Public Meetings
      II.C.1.a. Quorum Requirements
II.C.1.b. Subject of Meetings and Social Gatherings
II.C.1.c. Electronic Communication
    II.C.2. Statutorily Exempt Public Meetings
  II.D. Requirements of the Law
    II.D.1. Notice
      II.D.1.a. Regularly Scheduled Meetings
II.D.1.b. Special Meetings
II.D.1.c. Emergency Meetings
    II.D.2. Space and Location
      II.D.2.a. Geographic Location
II.D.2.b. Nondiscriminatory Site
    II.D.3. Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities
II.D.4. Public Attendance
II.D.5. Control of Meetings
II.D.6. Voting
II.D.7. Minutes and Recordkeeping
  II.E. Executive (Closed) Sessions
    II.E.1. Permissible Purposes of Executive Sessions
      II.E.1.a. Employment of Public Officers, Employees and Agents
II.E.1.b. Discipline of Public Officers and Employees
II.E.1.c. Public Hospital Medical Staff
II.E.1.d. Labor Negotiator Consultations
II.E.1.e. Real Property Transactions
II.E.1.f. Exempt Public Records
II.E.1.g. Trade Negotiations
II.E.1.h. Legal Counsel
II.E.1.i. Performance Evaluations of Public Officers and Employees
II.E.1.j. Public Investments
II.E.1.k. Health Professional Licensee Investigation
II.E.1.l. Landscape Architecture Registrant Investigation
II.E.1.m. Security Programs
II.E.1.n. Labor Negotiations
II.E.1.o. Other Executive Session Statutes
    II.E.2. Final Decision Prohibition
II.E.3. Method of Convening Executive Session
II.E.4. Media Representation at Executive Session
II.E.5. Other Persons Permitted to Attend Executive Sessions
  II.F. Enforcement of the Law
    II.F.1. Injunctive or Declaratory Actions
II.F.2. Civil Penalties
  PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW APPENDIX J - Answers to Questions Commonly Asked About the Public Meetings Law
    Guide to Bodies Subject to Public Meetings Law
Public Meetings Checklist
Sample Meeting Notices
Checklist for Executive Session
Sample Script to Announce Start of Executive Session
Sample Public Meetings Minutes
  PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW APPENDIX L - Parliamentary Procedure, Quorums and Voting

II.L.A. Parliamentary Procedure Generally
II.L.B. Quorums and Votes
II.L.B.1. General Law
II.L.B.2. When Other Statute Designates Quorum
II.L.C. Vacancies
II.L.D. Abstentions
II.L.E. Proxy Vote, Absentee Vote, Votes by Mail and Secret Ballots Prohibite
II.L.F. Vote Tables
II.L.F.I. Board and Commissions Covered by ORS 174.130
II.L.F.II. Boards and Commissions Covered by Statutes Specifying Quorum Requirements

  PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW APPENDIX M - Summaries of Oregon Appellate Court Decisions Involving Public Meetings Law
  PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW APPENDIX N - Index to Oregon Attorney General's Formal Opinions and Informal Opinions
  PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW APPENDIX O - Summaries of Oregon Attorney General's Formal Opinions and Selected Informal Opinions Concerning Public Meetings Law
  PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW APPENDIX P - Oregon Revised Statutes
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