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Public Records Costs and Fees

Oregon law provides that the Department of Justice may require the requestor to cover the cost of compiling records and will consider a fee waiver if it is in the public interest. The costs associated with complying with a public records request may include locating, photocopying, reviewing, redacting and mailing the documents.

The fee schedule includes a copy charge of 25 cents per page for the first 20 pages and 15 cents per page thereafter. The law also allows the Department to recover the costs of additional staff resources required when complying with a request. Staff time is charged at the Department's hourly billing rate, by position, as follows:

  • Assistant Attorney General: $143/hr
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator: $93/hr
  • Investigator: $108/hr
  • Paralegal or Information Technology Staff: $79/hr
  • Law Clerk: $39/hr
  • General Clerical: $47/hr

If it is necessary to utilize outside resources to comply with the public records request, the actual costs may be charged. Visit the Department of Justice Administrative Rules for more information on Fees for Public Records and Publications.

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