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Oregon Department of Justice - Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum
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1999 Media Releases

December 1999

Dec 30 Next Payment by Tobacco Industry to be Received December 31, 1999
Dec 28 Nation's Largest Seller of Recreational Vehicles Pleads Guilty to Vehicle Registration Fraud: Ordered to Pay $3.3 Million
Dec 21 Stopping the Sale of Imported Hand-Rolled Cigrettes to Children
Dec 17 Substitute Santa Shut Down
Dec 16 Underprivileged Children in Oregon to Receive Toys
Dec 14 Master Settlement Agreement: First Payment Received
Dec 3 Attorney General Hardy Myers Urges Federal Officials to Stop the Importation of Hand-Rolled Cigarettes
Dec 1 Warning to Commercial Fisherman to Watch Out for Theives Stealing Their Catch and Equipment

November 1999

Nov 30 Proposed Merger of Exxon and Mobil Sparks Concern
Nov 19 Former Coos Bay Caregiver Sentenced for Stealing $30,000 form an Ederly Client to Support Gambling Habit
Nov 16 MCI WORLDCOM Communications, Inc. (MCI)
Nov 12 First Payment in Master Settlement Agreement with Tobacco Industry Set for Later this Month

October 1999

Oct 22 School/Community Safety Coalition
Oct 11 Mt. Hood Community College Receives $2.01 Million in Settlment Monies

September 1999

Sep 16 $986,364 will be Distributed to 56 Projects in 30 Oregon Counties
Sep 3 Mary Ellen Johnson, Administer of the Department of Justice's Crime Victims Assistance Program, Receives the Margery Fry Award from the National Organizations for Victims Assistance
Sep 2 Sherman County Residents Agreed not to Organize or Participate in Illegal Pyramid Clubs

August 1999

Aug 24 Connie Gallagher Appointed as Administrator of the Crime Victim's Assistance Section of the Department of Justice's Criminal Justice Division
Aug 18 Woodburn Seed Company Loses License for 14 Days, Serves One Year Probation
Aug 3 Travel Agencies Targeting Students Settle with Oregon Department of Justice

July 1999

Jul 29 Multi-State Settlement against Knoll Pharmaceutical Caompany and BASF
Jul 27 Northwest Family Reunion

June 1999

Jun 18 Linn County Man Convicted of Racketeering for Unlawly Hunting and Killing Oregon Black Bears
Jun 7 Tobacco Industry Disburses 1st Payemnt under MSA - Oregon's Share is Approximately $28 Million

May 1999

May 25 Settlement Means Toys for Needy Children and Cash for Children's Programs in Oregon
May 21 Media Advisory
May 14 Myers Urges Legislators to Increase Funding for District Attorneys
May 10 Alert of Possible Immigration Services Fraud
May 6 Media Advisory

April 1999

Apr 26 Southern Oregon Alarms Closed Down
Apr 21 Continuing the Campaign Against Slamming
Apr 21 The End of Tobacco Billboard Advertising in Oregon

March 1999

Mar 11 Rytel Enters into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance
Mar 9 Oregon Awarded Additional Funds Under the National Tobacco Settlement

February 1999

Feb 18 Settlement with Official Publications

January 1999

Jan 26 Joint program to Inform Oregonians of Free or Low Cost Mediation
Jan 7 Four Oregon Dairies to Implement Quality Control Standards
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