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2000 Media Releases

December 2000

Dec 26 Attorney General Myers Files Agreement With Vacation Marketing Systems, Inc
Dec 18 Attorney General Closes Down Texas Office Supply Company
Dec 7 AG Postpones Measure 7 Opinion
Dec 4 Attorney General Files Settlement Agreement Concerning Rite Aid's Misleading Billing Practices

November 2000

Nov 22 Deputy AG David Schuman Returns to Teaching Law; AG Myers Appoints Pete Sheperd as Successor
Nov 21 Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces Toy Distribution To Needy Children in 18 Central and Eastern Oregon Counties
Nov 13 Attorney General Announces Health Club Sweep; Actions Taken Against Five Oregon Fitness Clubs
Nov 2 Attorney General Myers Announces Grants To People With Physical Disabilities

October 2000

Oct 30 Attorney General Files 20 Court Actions Against Violators of "No Call" List Law
Oct 23 Attorney General Myers Assists OSU Students In Refunds for Student Travel Packages to Acapulco
Oct 9 Attorney General Stops Unlawful Billing Practices of Company that Specializes in Wind Forecasts
Oct 5 Attorney General Myers Joins FTC and 13 Other States In Action Against Companies Pushing "Get Rich Quick" Seminars

August 2000

Aug 24 Attorney General Takes Action Against Time, Inc. For Misleading Sweepstakes Disclosures
Aug 14 Attorney General Sues Portland Consulting Firm For Providing Illegal Immigration Services
Aug 8 Attorney General Myers Takes Court Action Against Canadian Credit Card Protection Company
Aug 7 Attorney General Closes Vehicle Warranty Company For Accepting Money & Not Providing Services

July 2000

Jul 24 Attorney General Closes Down Unlicensed Medical School

June 2000

Jun 26 Attorney General Joins S. Oregon Law Enforcement In Warning Against Participation in "Gifting Clubs"
Jun 26 Attorney General and Board of Tax Service Examiners Announce Action Against Tax and Immigration Services Company
Jun 12 Attorney General Settles With Pest Control Business; Medford Owner Goes Out Of Business Permanently

May 2000

May 23 Department Resolves Slamming/Cramming Cases
May 11 Attorney General Announces Fund For People With Physical Disabilities

April 2000

Apr 19 Latest Payment Receipt from the Tobacco Industry
Apr 13 Oregon Attorney General Settles Legal Action Challenging Proposed BP Amoco/ARCO Merger
Apr 10 Long-Distance Service Provider Ceases Misleading Business Practices
Apr 6 Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers to Take Legal Action Over Inequitable Medicare Reimbursement
Apr 4 Attorney General Joins the Governor In Proposing Changes to Federal Laws Concerning Medicare Reimbursement Rates
Apr 3 Toll Free Consumer Hotline Now Staffed Eight Hours a Day

March 2000

Mar 20 Attorney General Cautions Consumers on Purchasing Investment Certificate for Energy-Generating Machines
Mar 13 Attorney General Resolves Case Against Stayton Companies Specializing in Underground Storage Tank Removal
Mar 8 Myers Appoints Members of Committee on Kids and Tobacco
Mar 6 Attorney General Announces Nine West Group Agreement; Oregon to Receive More Than $350,000 from Settlement
Mar 6 Two Eugene Businesses Allegedly Misrepresented Financial Services to Elderly and Incapacitated Oregonians

February 2000

Feb 28 Blood-Based Health Diagnostics Companies Permanently Out of Business
Feb 22 Misleading Credit Card Service
Feb 16 Top Ten Consumer Complaints for 1999
Feb 11 Media Advisory
Feb 8 Warning About Travel Clubs Making Misleading Offers
Feb 7 Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Proposed Merger Between BP Amoco and ARCO
Feb 7 Legal Action Taken Against Four Internet-Based Tobacco Retailers for Sales to Underage Buyers
Feb 2 Oregon Opposes Merger Between British Petroleum (BP) and ARCO

January 2000

Jan 25 New Jersey Hypnosis Service Makes Misrepresentations in Newspaper Advertisements
Jan 25 Publisher's Clearing House Lawsuit
Jan 5 Environmental Marketing Guidelines for Electricity
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