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2003 Media Releases

December 2003

Dec 30 AG Myers Files 2nd Court Action Against Portland Paralegal Service
Dec 18 AG Myers Files Fourth Agreement with MCI Worldcom Communications
Dec 15 Attorney General Files Judgment Against Internet Tobacco Seller
Dec 2 AG Sues Unlicensed Contractor for Allegedly Taking Money and Not Completing Work
Dec 2 AG Granted Deadline Extension for Restitution Claims in Taxol Case

November 2003

Nov 26 AG Files Agreements with Operators of 'Distressed Property Rescue Schemes'
Nov 21 AG Releases Report of Charities That Generate the Most Inquiries
Nov 10 AG Myers Announces New Program to Provide Free & Low Cost Legal Aid to Military Service Personnel and their Families
Nov 7 Military Assistance Panel Formed to Help Active Duty Service Members and Their Families

October 2003

Oct 28 AG Distributes $68,000 in Restitution Food Banks & Oregon Veterans' Home
Oct 23 Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Two Oregon Medical Doctors
Oct 8 Agreement Reached With Miles Chevrolet
Oct 1 Attorney General Puts OR No Call On Hold Pending Decision By 10th Circuit Court

September 2003

Sep 30 Wal-Mart Signs Agreement to Reduce Tobacco Sales to Minors In Its Stores
Sep 26 United Trading Owners Plead Guilty to Oregon Tobacco Tax Evasion
Sep 26 AG Myers Expresses Disappointment in CO Federal District Court Decision on National No Call Registry
Sep 24 Mortgage Brokers Turned Contractors Sign Agreements with Oregon Justice

August 2003

Aug 28 Oregon No Call Program Terminated as of Oct. 1
Aug 14 Justice & DFCS/DCBS Remind Consumers of Deadline for Household Restitution
Aug 8 AG Warns Oregonians That Without Passage of HB3329 OR No Call Program Will Perish

July 2003

Jul 29 BP/ARCO Changes Operating Procedures to Reduce Tobacco Sales to Minors
Jul 18 AG Myers announces approval of joint venture between McKenzie-Willamette Hospital and Triad Hospital
Jul 5 AG Myers Files Against USAW; Gives Tips to Oregonians on Buying Home Security Systems

June 2003

Jun 27 AG Myers Welcomes National No Call Registry; Prosecutes OR No Call Violators
Jun 26 AG Myers Announces $1.7 Billion Settlement With Natural Gas Provider El Paso Corporation
Jun 20 Astrezeneca Pharmaceuticals Enters $24.9 Million Settlement with 50 State Medicaid Programs
Jun 18 Oregon to Receive $1,994,780 in New Global Tobacco Settlement
Jun 10 Tobacco Task Force Executes Search Warrants

May 2003

May 22 AG announces settlement terms EchoStar Corp. regarding its Dish Network sales practices
May 20 AG Announces Legal Action in Six Charitable Fundraising Cases as Part of a Joint Law Enforcement Campaign with the FTC
May 13 Affordable Auto Wholesale, Inc. Signs Assurance for Selling Vehicles That Couldn't Pass DEQ Emission Inspections
May 12 Oregon is Part of 7 State Corp Group to Negotiate Lead Paint Agreement
May 7 Smoker Craft Signs Assurance for Selling Used Boats as New

April 2003

Apr 30 OR Joins National Sweep of Internet Auction Scams
Apr 24 AG Announces 2nd Settlement with Bristol-Myers Squibb
Apr 24 AG Files $2.3 Million Settlement with H&R Block Services, Inc.
Apr 23 AG Warns SUV Manufacturers of Deceptive Advertising

March 2003

Mar 21 AG Announces $1.7 Billion Agreement With El Paso Corporation
Mar 14 Myers Announces Settlement With Gaston School District
Mar 13 AG Announces Distribution Of Williams $15 Million Settlement
Mar 12 No Call Deadline Is March 15
Mar 12 AG To Distribute Williams Funds
Mar 6 Buspar Settlement Announced

February 2003

Feb 3 Attorney General Myers Announces 2002 Top Ten Consumer Complaint List

January 2003

Jan 31 Myers Announces Indictment/Arrest of Cigarette 'Grey Marketers'
Jan 29 Attorney General Files Agreement With Delon Olds Company of Salem
Jan 27 ODAA Officers Elected
Jan 27 AG Myers Announces $80 Million Settlement With Two Pharmaceutical Giants
Jan 6 AG Files $6 Million Court Action Against Drug Giant Pfizer Inc.
Jan 3 Attorney General to Announce Major Drug Marketing Case
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