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2008 Media Releases

December 2008

Dec 18 AG Files $7 Million Agreement With Airborne Health Of Florida For Deceptive Advertising
Dec 17 AG Files Judgment Against Mattel/Fisher-Price Resolving Allegations Of Selling Toys With Excessive Lead Paint
Dec 12 AG Myers Files AVC Against XACTA 3000 For Misleading Ads For Kinoki Detox Foot Pads

November 2008

Nov 21 AG Myers Presses FTC To Toughen Used Car Disclosure Rules

October 2008

Oct 30 AG Myers Announces Agreement With ERCA To End Deceptive Tactics In Gathering Personal Information From Students
Oct 22 AG Myers Files Judgment Against Pfizer For $60 Million Concerning It's Marketing Of Drugs Celebrex & Bextra
Oct 21 AG Myers To Announce Major Prescription Drug Settlement October 22
Oct 20 AG Myers Sues To Block Merger Of Three Of Five Largest Beef Processors In The U.S.
Oct 10 Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces Agreement With Shell Oil Company To Curb Tobacco Sales To Minors
Oct 7 AG Reaches $62 Million Settlement With Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical

September 2008

Sep 17 Attorney General Hardy Myers Calls On MillerCoors To Cancel New Energy Drink With Elevated Alcohol Content
Sep 12 Russian Legal Delegation Visits To Learn About Oregon's Juvenile Justice System
Sep 11 AG Myers Warns Of eMail Scam Offering Nigerian Monies Delivered By State Police (doc)
Sep 2 AG Myers Names Schradle New Head Of General Counsel

August 2008

Aug 20 AG Announces Settlement With Salem Car Dealership Ending Sales Practices Of 'Packing'
Aug 18 AG Announces Plan To Distribute Books & CDs To Libraries/Cancer Centers Using BMS Settlement Funds
Aug 14 AG & CASA Of Linn County Warn Oregonians Of Scam Using CASA's Email Database (doc)
Aug 8 AG Announces Conviction Of Southern Oregon Retailers For Illegal Tobacco Sales
Aug 7 HIDTA Program Report Indicates Oregon Drug Use Exceeds National Average (doc)
Aug 7 HIDTA Program Releases Annual Drug Threat Assessment; Counter-Drug Strategy (doc)
Aug 6 AG Hardy Myers Issues Statement On Plane Crash In Gearhart On Monday
Aug 4 AG Urges Oregonians To Recognize Importance Of Child Support; Governor Proclaims Child Support Awareness Month

July 2008

Jul 31 AG Myers To Sue EPA For Failure To Regulate Greenhouse Emissions
Jul 30 AG Myers Warns Oregonians Of Bogus Websites Selling Tickets To The Beijing Olympics (doc)
Jul 25 AG Warns Oregonians Of Scams Related To High Gas Prices (doc)
Jul 16 DOJ Medicaid Fraud Unit Finalizes Settlement With Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Jul 14 AG And CSP Director Announce Statewide Seminars For Employers
Jul 7 AG Sues Simple.Net, Inc. For Use Of Activation Checks
Jul 2 AG Myers Joins 43 States In Agreement With Moneygram
Jul 1 AG Hires Jacob Weigler As New Executive Asst.

June 2008

Jun 30 AG Hardy Myers Announces AVC With Tenant Marketplace
Jun 11 Attorney General Myers Launches Tip Line To Combat Animal Fighting In Oregon
Jun 10 Attorney General Hardy Myers To Announce New Effort To Combat Cockfighting And Dogfighting In Oregon
Jun 10 AG Myers Announces Favorable Ruling From U.S. Supreme Court
Jun 6 Attorney General Hardy Myers Settles Two Cases Involving Allegations Of Unlawful Pricing Of Pharmaceuticals

May 2008

May 30 Attorney General Hardy Myers Sues U.S. Environmental Protection Agency For Adopting Lax Air Pollution Standards
May 30 Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces Agreement With Traveling Door-To-Door Sales Company
May 28 Attorney General Hardy Myers Reaches Settlement With iMergent, Inc. And Storesonline, Inc.
May 27 Attorney General Hardy Myers Settles Claims Against Pharmacy Benefits Management Company Express Scripts Inc.
May 23 AG Hardy Myers Files Action Against U.S. Cellular For Offering Bogus "Free" Phones To Oregon Consumers
May 20 AG Hardy Myers Files Judgment Against Merck; Oregon Is Lead State In $58 Million Settlement
May 8 Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces Agreement With Social Networking Site, Facebook, To Make Internet Location Safer For Underage Users

April 2008

Apr 25 AG Announces Creation Of Crime Victims' Services Division In Justice Dept.
Apr 24 AG Warns Businesses And Non-Profits About Misleading 'Yellow Page' Solicitations From Canada
Apr 24 AG Announces $4 Million Grant To Consumers Union; CU To Provide Free, Unbiased Information On Buying Prescription Drugs
Apr 17 AG Hardy Myers Kicks Off Statewide Media Campaign On Sexual Assault
Apr 14 AG Myers Files Judgment Against Apothecure & Owner
Apr 11 Attorney General Hardy Myers And Others To Commemorate National Crime Victims' Rights Week, Monday, April 14
Apr 2 Attorney General Hardy Myers Petitions Court To Require EPA To Comply With U.S. Supreme Court Decision
Apr 1 AG Hardy Myers Distributes $435,000 In Caremark Grants

March 2008

Mar 24 Douglas County Transfers Child Support Services To Oregon DOJ Child Support Beginning July 1, 2008
Mar 20 AG And Benton Cty DA Secure Conviction Of Caregiver Kristy Belcher
Mar 18 AG Hardy Myers Files Lawsuit Against Abbott Laboratories And Laboratories Fournier For Antitrust Violations
Mar 7 AG Secures Conviction Of Sue Pearson For Medicaid Fraud
Mar 7 Mercado Salvador Convicted And Sentenced In Deschutes County For Tobacco Tax & Trademark Violations
Mar 5 AG Myers Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaint List As Part Of Tenth Year Celebration Of National Consumer Protection Week
Mar 3 AG Myers Joins AGs In Calling On Congress To Restore Funding For Front-Line Crime And Drug Enforcement Efforts
Mar 3 AG Files Agreement With Florida Business Directory Billing, LLC

February 2008

Feb 27 Attorney General Settles Drug Pricing Case With Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Feb 25 Attorney General Myers Settles Antitrust Lawsuit Against Barr Pharmaceuticals
Feb 22 AG Files Agreement With Direct Marketer Of Women's Hosiery And Other Merchandise
Feb 20 AG Files Agreement With Financial Advisor For Ilegally Advising Elderly Vets & Widows
Feb 14 Attorney General Hardy Myers Settles Consumer Protection Claims Against Caremark Rx
Feb 7 Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Unit Settles Medicaid Rebate Cases with Merck
Feb 7 AG Sues Ross Bros. & Co For Racketeering

January 2008

Jan 29 Attorney General Hardy Myers Settles Insurance Bid-Rigging Charges With AIG
Jan 28 Portland Coupon Book Marketer Signs Agreement With Attorney General
Jan 18 AG Announces Conviction Of Bahadur Singh Of Salem For Tobacco Tax Violations
Jan 14 AG Announces 'Victory For Social Networking Safety' In Agreement With MySpace
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