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2011 Media Releases

December 2011

Dec 23 GE Funding Agrees To Pay $34 Million In Multistate Settlement Of Municipal Bond Derivatives Scheme
Dec 21 Scam Alert: Card Services
Dec 14 Eastern Oregon Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering Pregnant Woman
Dec 14 Oregon's 20 Worst Charities: 2011

November 2011

Nov 22 AG Kroger Announces $950 Million Settlement with Merck
Nov 22 Scam Alert: Black Friday Survival Tips
Nov 15 Used Car Dealers Agree To Pay $20,000 And Change Practices
Nov 14 North Carolina Company Banned For Falsely Claiming To Help Veterans
Nov 3 Oil Spill Results In Guilty Pleas And $750,000 Fine

October 2011

Oct 28 Major Child Pornography Sweep
Oct 27 Veterans Charity Lawsuit Resolved
Oct 26 Eastern Oregon Man Sentenced To Nearly 43 Years In Prison For Child Pornography
Oct 25 Scam Alert: Chimney Cleaning Scams
Oct 17 Statement on Philip Scott Cannon Murder Case
Oct 14 Clackamas County Man Sentenced To Prison For Child Porn
Oct 14 Morrow County Man Sentenced To Lengthy Prison Term For Sexually Assaulting Children
Oct 13 Eastern Oregon Man Convicted On Child Pornography Charges
Oct 7 Oregon Sues California Loan Modification Company
Oct 7 California Loan Modification Company Will Pay More Than $130,000 And Cease Doing Business In Oregon

August 2011

Aug 29 Scam Alert: Wells Fargo Phishing Scam
Aug 4 Sizemore Sentenced for Tax Evasion
Aug 1 Tillamook County Man Indicted on Child Pornography Charges

July 2011

Jul 29 Washington County Contractor Pleads Guilty to Antitrust and Racketeering Charges
Jul 27 Scam Alert: Green Dot Sweepstakes Scam
Jul 25 Eugene Man Sentenced to 17 Years for Child Pornography
Jul 20 What To Do If You Are Facing Foreclosure
Jul 12 Stipulated General Judgment - State of Oregon v. JR Furniture USA, Inc.
Jul 7 JPMorgan Chase & Co. Agrees to Pay $92 Million to Resolve Anticompetitive Claims
Jul 6 Scam Alert: Remote Access Scam

June 2011

Jun 23 $40.75 Million Multi-State Agreement Resolves Adulterated Drug Claims Against GlaxoSmithKline
Jun 14 Scam Alert: Bogus FBI Email
Jun 8 California-Based Telephone Provider To Leave Oregon

May 2011

May 26 U.S. Supreme Court Issues Important Ruling In Oregon Case
May 17 Hemp And Cannabis Foundation President Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion
May 17 Circle K Agrees To Reforms In Order To Prevent Tobacco Sales To Minors
May 11 Umatilla County District Attorney Found Guilty Of Official Misconduct, Resigns
May 11 Pharmaceutical Company Pays Oregon $167,000 To Resolve Illegal Marketing Allegations
May 10 Lane County Man Sentenced To Prison For Medicaid Fraud
May 4 Life Sentence For Killer Of Hood River Lodge Owner
May 4 Ubs Agrees To Pay $90.8 Million To Resolve Antitrust Claims
May 3 Former Director Of La Grande-Area Non-Profit Arrested
May 3 Scam Alert: Bogus Bin Laden Videos

April 2011

Apr 28 Seven Plead Guilty In Major Drug Trafficking Case
Apr 21 Oregon Public Health And The Department Of Justice Work To Bring Safe Water To A Lincoln County Public Water System
Apr 13 Scam Alert: Scam Telemarketers Targeting Oregon Businesses
Apr 13 Oregon Department Of Justice Commemorates 2011 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
Apr 11 Ag Kroger Announces Environmental Crimes Prosecution
Apr 11 Oregon Senate Approves Landmark Charities Bill
Apr 8 Minnesota Debt Collector Required To Pay $90,000
Apr 6 Phishing Scams Expected To Increase Following Epsilon Data Breach
Apr 1 Sentencing Concludes Government Fraud Case In Clackamas County

March 2011

Mar 17 Law Firm Shut Down For Unlawful Debt Collection Practices
Mar 16 AG Kroger Announces Agreement In Civil Rights Case
Mar 15 AG Kroger Sues Clackamas County Car Dealer
Mar 15 Fred Meyer Agrees To Provide Back Pay And Pension Benefits To Employees Deployed For Military Service
Mar 15 Scam Alert: Fake Japan Disaster Relief Charities
Mar 14 AG Kroger Appoints Special Advisor For Business
Mar 10 AG Kroger Announces $68.5 Million Agreement With Pharmaceutical Giant
Mar 10 AG Kroger announces Top 10 Consumer Complaint List
Mar 9 Press Advisory: Consumer Protection Event
Mar 9 22 Arrested In Major Drug Trafficking Investigation
Mar 8 AG Kroger Announces Tax Fraud Arrest
Mar 3 AG Kroger Announces Prison Sentence In Investment Fraud
Mar 1 Scam Alert: Door-To-Door Sales Operation Is Not A Veterans Charity

February 2011

Feb 24 AG Kroger Announces Another Child Pornography Prison Sentence
Feb 18 AG Kroger Announces Prison Sentence In Child Pornography Case
Feb 17 AG Kroger Announces Four Arrests In Medicaid Fraud Case
Feb 15 Oregon AG Kroger Announces Lawsuit Against Veterans Charities
Feb 14 AG Kroger Announces Arrest Of Fugitive In Health Care Fraud Case
Feb 10 Scam Alert: Bogus Travel Emergency
Feb 8 New Public Records and Meetings Manual Available in Print
Feb 7 AG Kroger Announces Prison Sentence In Coos County Elder Abuse Case
Feb 3 Scam Alert: Fake Debt Collectors
Feb 1 Press Advisory: Oregon Attorney General Kroger to testify before U.S. Senate in support of Affordable Care Act

January 2011

Jan 27 AG Kroger Announces Sentencing in Child Pornography Case
Jan 26 Oregon Sues Countrywide
Jan 25 Consumer Alert: Anchor Blue Customers Have Limited Time To Return Goods And Use Gift Cards
Jan 25 AG Kroger Announces Health Care Fraud Prison Sentence
Jan 24 AG Kroger Announces 2011 Legislative Agenda
Jan 21 AG Kroger Announces Major Drug Trafficking Case
Jan 19 AG Kroger Unveils Public Records Reforms
Jan 19 AG Kroger Announces U.S. Supreme Court Victory For Oregon
Jan 12 AG Kroger Announces Lawsuit Over "Phantom Recall" Of Defective Motrin
Jan 10 AG Kroger Announces Child Support Program Award
Jan 7 Ag Kroger Announces Legislation To Fix Child Pornography Law
Jan 6 Telemarketer Banned From Oregon
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