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AG Distributes $68,000 In Restitution To Food Banks & Oregon Veterans' Home

October 28, 2003

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced the distribution of nearly $68,000 in court-ordered restitution to FOOD for Lane County ($8,067), The Oregon Veterans' Home ($34,859) and the Oregon Food Bank ($24,931).

"I am pleased to be able to distribute these funds when the need for them is so great," Myers said. "The organizations selected are well-positioned to address the issues of hunger in Oregon and care of the state's veterans."

The majority of these funds resulted from the settlement of cases brought by the Attorney General against professional fundraisers for violations of Oregon's charitable solicitation laws. The settlements stipulated that restitution be paid to Oregon nonprofits selected by the Department of Justice. One settlement specified that $8,067 be distributed in Lane County, and two others stipulated that $34,859 be directed to an organization benefiting veterans. The Attorney General elected to distribute the remaining $24,931 to the Oregon Food Bank in response to Oregon's continuing hunger crisis.

"We will continue to pursue violators of our nonprofit laws in order to ensure that legitimate charities benefit from the generosity of Oregonians," Myers said.


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