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December 23, 2009

Attorney General John Kroger is warning Spanish-speaking immigrants about companies fraudulently selling International Driving Permits as a viable alternative to a state-issued driver license. Scammers are preying on consumers' misunderstanding about the purpose of an International Driving Permit by actively marketing the product as an alternative to an Oregon-issued driver license. These companies take the consumer's money and leave their victims on the wrong side of the law. Anyone driving without a valid driver license could face real legal trouble. The United States has signed an agreement with many other countries to honor a foreign driver license for up to one year from the visitor's date of arrival. Foreign visitors must carry their foreign license while driving in Oregon.

An International Driving Permit is merely a translation of the foreign driver license, allowing U.S. law enforcement officials to know the actual content of the license. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles suggests that foreign visitors carry an International Driving Permit, along with their foreign-issue driver license, while operating a motor vehicle in the U.S.

Since taking office, Attorney General Kroger has made it a priority to crack down on those who prey on Oregon consumers. The Oregon Department of Justice is currently investigating claims from several victims who purchased an International Driving Permit under false pretenses. Victims of the International Driving Permit scam should contact the Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Hotline at 1-877-877-9392.

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