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2006 Media Releases

December 2006

Dec 26 AG Files Settlement With House Of Prince & Scandinavian Tobacco For $55.4 Million
Dec 21 AG Settles With SONY On Secret Software Placed On Compact Discs; Consumers Due Refunds
Dec 20 AG Improves Access To Child Support Payments In Oregon
Dec 14 AG Continues Crusade Against 'Activation Checks' By Filing Agreement With YP Corp. & Telco Billing
Dec 13 AG Files Agreement With AAA OR/ID Autosource For Falsely Claiming Service Was Free
Dec 11 AG Files $14.5 Million Settlement With Chase & Trilegiant
Dec 4 AG Files Judgment With Zurich American In Multi-State Bid-Rigging Case
Dec 4 AG Myers & Kitzhaber Address a "1st of its Kind" Conference in Portland
Dec 1 AG Files Agreements With Two Businesspeople For Ads Of Services To Hispanics Without Being Licensed

November 2006

Nov 17 AG Announces Annual Report On Charities
Nov 8 AG Warns Oregonians Of Disaster-Related Scams & Schemes
Nov 6 AG Announces Settlements With Auto Dealerships For Misleading Advertising, 'Bushing' & Free Gas Offer
Nov 2 Furniture Retailer To Pay Refunds & Change Practices
Nov 1 Myers Announces Prescription Drug Education Grants

October 2006

Oct 31 AG Files Settlement With Soloflex, Inc. Of Hillsboro
Oct 27 Oregon Tobacco Tax Compliance Task Force Secures 2 Convictions
Oct 24 AG Myers Announces Weinstein Company Will Add Anti-Smoking PSAs To Newest DVD Release
Oct 20 AG Settles With Propolene Over Sales/Billing Practices
Oct 11 RJ Reynolds Ends Sale Of Flavored Cigarettes Under New Agreement
Oct 4 AG Files Agreements With Auto Dealerships & Direct Marketers

September 2006

Sep 28 AG Files Agreement With PAYPAL, Inc.
Sep 28 AG To Release 1st Ever Report On Organized Crime
Sep 26 Myers Files Agreement With Providence Health System Over Data Breach Issue
Sep 21 AG Sues Unlicensed Contractors From Salem & Keizer Areas
Sep 21 AG Files Agreement With Trade Association Of Most Egg Producers
Sep 21 Public Hearing Notice Law Enforcement & Nurse Licensing Issues
Sep 21 Voter Registration Investigation Ends Without Criminal Prosecution
Sep 12 AG Files Settlement With Natl Marketer For Misleading Ads
Sep 7 AG Asks Hollywood Studios To Insert Anti-Smoking PSAs In DVDs And Videos

August 2006

Aug 29 Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces $435 Million National Settlement With Schering-Plough
Aug 24 AG Myers Files Agreements With Hearing Aid Specialists For Use Of Misleading Title
Aug 24 Public Hearing Notice: OR Dept. Of Justice & OR Board Of Nursing Discuss Coordination
Aug 18 OR Tobacco Compliance Assists Feds In Executing Search Warrant At Li'L Brown Smoke Shack
Aug 8 Attorney General Hardy Myers and Silverton Police Chief Rick Lewis Sponsor August Public Forum Focusing on Fighting Identity Theft

July 2006

Jul 28 Tobacco Tax Compliance Serves Search Warrants On 3 Portland Businesses; Seize Untaxed Tobacco Products
Jul 20 AG Myers Updates Oregonians On Gas Prices
Jul 14 AG Myers To File Lawsuit Friday Against World's Top DRAM Manufacturers
Jul 12 AG Myers Expresses Opposition To Federal Food Safety Preemption Legislation
Jul 11 AG Myers Encourages Employer Participation In Child Support Program
Jul 10 AG Myers & Lorillard Reach Agreement To Reduce Illegal Internet Cigarette Sales
Jul 6 State Will Join Appeal In Clarke V OHSU

June 2006

Jun 28 US Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Conviction In Sanchez-Llamas Case
Jun 14 AG Settles With Alternative Health Companies For Advertising False Medical Recall Notice
Jun 9 AG & CCB File Lawsuits Against Two Contractors

May 2006

May 18 Oregon Departments of Human Services and Justice call for new approach to preventing violence, release comprehensive plans
May 17 AG Myers Urges FTC To Take Closer Look At Alcohol Marketing And The Role It Plays In Underage Drinking
May 11 AG Files Agreement With Washington 'Unclaimed Asset' Recovery Business
May 5 AG Myers Files Agreement With WESTCOASTWAGERS.NET
May 4 Governor, Attorney General Launch "Gas Price Reporter" Website
May 2 Governor, Attorney General Sue Feds Over Fuel Economy Standards
May 1 AG Myers Hires Exec. Assistant Stephanie Soden

April 2006

Apr 27 AG Myers Sues EPA For Violating Clean Air Act
Apr 26 Attorney General Myers Obtains Judgment; Settles 2005 Civil Racketeering Lawsuit Against California 'YELLOW PAGES' Companies
Apr 25 Attorney General Myers Files Lawsuit Against Tobacco Companies
Apr 13 AG Myers Announces $9 Million In Grants

March 2006

Mar 21 AG Files Settlement With TIME INC. Concerning Automatic Renewal Offers and Mail Solicitations
Mar 20 AG Myers Announces $171.7 Million Settlement with Zurich American Ins.
Mar 15 AG Files Agreement with Nation's Largest Drugstore Chain CVS
Mar 8 OR Child Support Offers Payments Thru Debit Cards
Mar 7 AG Myers to Convene Public Forum on "Protecting Your Family & Yourself" on March 14 at Ashland High School
Mar 2 Owner & Dietary Supplement Firms Settle with Attorneys General;
$5 Million Agreement Announced

February 2006

Feb 9 AG Hardy Myers Announces 2005 Top 10 Complaint List and Three New Website Features During Consumer Protection Week (pdf)
Feb 7 AG Sues Former OR Contractor; Announces 7 Other Actions

January 2006

Jan 26 AG Hardy Myers Announces Philip Morris Protocols to Combat Illegal Cigarette Sales Over the Internet & Thru the Mail
Jan 25 AG Reaches Agreement with Charity Fundraiser
Jan 23 Oregonians to Receive $1.5 Million in Restitution from Ameriquest Settlement
Jan 17 AG Statement Regarding Gonzales v. Oregon
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