Oregon Department of Justice

Criminal Fine Account (CFA) Funding

The Criminal Fines and Assessment Account (CFAA) structure was modified under HB 2712 during the 2011 Legislative session. The new account, Criminal Fine Account (CFA), is larger than CFAA and will be responsible for funding many more services. HB 2712 maintains the prioritization of the use of the funds allocating crime victim services as second priority after DPSST. CFA grants are awarded to prosecutor-based victim assistance programs to fund services that help victims navigate the criminal justice system and provide support them through court proceedings. Victim assistance program services include:

  • Informing victims of their rights

  • Involving victims in the decision making process

  • Ensuring that victims are informed of the status of their case

  • Helping victims to apply for compensation benefits and take the necessary steps to receive restitution

  • Familiarizing victims with court procedures

  • Assisting victims with the logistics of appearing in court and accompanying them to court hearings

  • Encouraging victims to testify

  • Helping victims request the return of property held as evidence.

For more information please see a brief history of CFA.

Jeanette Ewald, Fund Coordinator
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