Oregon Department of Justice


In a criminal trial a judge may order an offender to pay restitution (a sum of money to help cover the cost of the damage the offender caused) to the people they have harmed. Restitution is not the same thing as Crime Victims' Compensation which is administered through the Oregon Department of Justice.

If you are a victim and think you are due restitution, please contact the courthouse in the county where the crime occurred to obtain a copy of the Sentencing Order or to determine the amount of restitution ordered and the timeframe in which the defendant is expected to begin making payments.

While DOJ does not oversee the collection of restitution, DOJ's Crime Victims' Compensation Program does have a Collections Unit which works to recapture claim costs back from offenders and liable third parties. This unit also monitors and collects punitive damage award judgments which helps fund DOJ's crime victims programs.

If you think that you owe money to the Crime Victims' Compensation Program please contact the Collections Unit at 503-378-5348.