Oregon Department of Justice

SAVE Fund Information for Medical Providers

The SAVE Fund will pay for the cost of a sexual assault medical exam, medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, emergency contraception and a pregnancy test up to 7 days after the assault. An exam with collection of forensic evidence must be conducted within 3½ days (84 hours) after the assault. The SAVE Fund will also pay for up to 5 counseling sessions.

Medical providers should have SAVE Fund applications on site. Please have each victim seeking SAVE Fund assistance complete a short portion of the form with the help of the medical provider. The medical provider must then complete the remainder of the form and submit the application, along with an itemized bill, to the Crime Victims’ Services Division.

Maximum Benefits per OAR 137-084-0020 (1) and (2):

  • $380.00 - Complete medical examination using SAFE Kit, no more than 84 hours after assault.

  • $175.00 - Partial medical examination without SAFE Kit, no more than 168 hours after assault.

  • $100.00 - Sexually Transmitted Disease prophylaxis dispensed.

  • $55.00 - Emergency contraception dispensed (including urine pregnancy test).

  • $75.00 - Examination conducted by SANE Certified Sexual Assault Nurse.

  • $75.00 - Examination conducted by a Doctor of Medicine or a Doctor of Osteopathy.

  • $700.00 - Up to 5 counseling sessions.

If you have any questions regarding the SAVE Fund, please contact Valerie Smith at (503) 378-5348, or Valerie.Smith@doj.state.or.us. If additional applications are needed, you may print your own SAVE Fund Billing Form or contact Valerie Smith.