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Learn more about applying for child support.
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What is Electronic Payment Withdrawal (EPW)?

Electronic Payment Withdrawal (EPW) is a payment option. This service lets our qualifying customers pay support electronically, rather than through income withholding or sending checks or money orders. This service allows the Child Support Program to electronically pull monthly support from a financial institution account. There are two types of EPW: EPW 1 and EPW 2.

  • EPW 1 is an exception to income withholding. Automatic monthly payments may be set up instead of regular income withholding when the parent receiving support (or the child attending school, if applicable) agrees and there is no past-due support owed. The person paying support may request one or two withdrawal dates per month, as long as the full monthly amount is paid on or before the court-ordered due date.
  • EPW 2 is in addition to income withholding or an alternative if income withholding is not possible. Automatic monthly payments may be set up to supplement regular income withholding, or when income withholding is not available because the parent paying support is self-employed, underemployed, or unemployed. EPW 2 may be set up for active cases or those with a judgment only. The case may have arrears, and does not need to be currently accruing monthly support. The person paying support may elect any withdrawal amount, and may request one or two withdrawal dates in the month the payment is due.

Can I fax my enrollment/authorization form?

Yes, our fax number is 503-986-2416. Be sure to include a voided check or a letter from your financial institution with your account number and routing information.

How do I make a request for an exception?

You must make a request for an exception by submitting a Request for Exception to Electronic Disbursement Enrollment forms, linked below. We will review the request and notify you of our decision within 30 days of receiving your request.

Where do I find answers to my questions about exceptions and receiving checks?

You can ask questions of your child support case manager or the Outgoing Electronic Payments desk in Financial Services.

You can contact the Outgoing Electronic Payments desk at:

Financial Services
ATTN: Outgoing Electronic Payments
Oregon Child Support Program
P.O. Box 14320
Salem, OR 97309-5048
Toll-free: 800-850-0228

Who can I contact about changing the current child support laws?

The Oregon Child Support Program does not have the authority to make changes to state or federal laws. If you have concerns about child support laws or you want to suggest how they may be improved, please contact your state senator or representative.

Oregon State Legislature – Find Your Legislator »

Will this affect the current child support I receive?

No. You will continue to receive your child support. The Oregon DOJ Division of Child Support cannot take future support to repay this debt. However, you may voluntarily request that we use future support to pay the overpayment if you choose.

For other questions, please contact us at ChildSupportOverpayments@doj.state.or.us

What does “dishonored payment” mean?

A dishonored payment is a payment that was returned unpaid to the Oregon DOJ Division of Child Support from your bank. Payments can be returned dishonored due to a lack of funds in your account, a closed account, an inaccurate account number, or similar reasons.

What is expected of me?

If you are thinking of applying for public assistance, you may want to contact your local District Attorney child support office first. They may be able to help you get child support, which may mean you can avoid going on public assistance.

If you receive public assistance, you are required to cooperate with the Oregon DOJ Division of Child Support. However, if you can show that doing so would be harmful to you or your child, you may be exempt from cooperating. Read more about support for child abuse and domestic violence.

Whether or not you receive public assistance, your cooperation with the Oregon Child Support Program is necessary to successfully establish paternity or collect child support.

Any facts you have about the other parent are helpful in enforcing support. Although it is not a requirement for application, you should include as many of the following pieces of information as you can on the application to help the case manager locate the parent and collect support:

  • The full name and address (or last known location) of the other parent
  • The parent’s Social Security number (can be found on things such as pay stubs, old tax forms, health insurance forms, and drivers licenses issued by some states)
  • The parent’s date of birth (or approximate age)
  • The present or last place the parent worked
  • If there was a divorce, the county and state in which the divorce occurred, and a copy of the order or the county and state where there is any other support order
  • The birth certificate and Social Security number of the child or children
  • Information about any assets such as bank accounts, vehicles, or land that the other parent may have

Where can I mail a payment?

Most parents who pay support use income withholding to fulfill their child support obligations. This means a child support payment is automatically withheld from the parent’s paycheck and sent to the Oregon Child Support Program.

If granted an exception, the parent who pays support may choose an alternative method of payment such as an electronic withdrawal from their bank account, payment by check, or money order.

Make your check or money order payable to:

Oregon Child Support Program
Oregon Department of Justice
P.O. Box 14506
Salem, Oregon 97309

Please include the Social Security number of the parent paying support, or the child support case number on the check or money order. Please specify if you are paying for genetic testing. For more information, please see Pay Support.

If I normally pay support, will any funds due to me come in a paper check?

Yes, funds returned to parents who pay support and to employers will be disbursed as a paper checks.