COVID-19 CVSSD Correspondence to Date

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    I wanted to reach out with a couple updates that I hope will be helpful as you continue your work in the wake of COVID-19.  We know these are very difficult times and you are having to make difficult decisions very quickly.  CVSSD will continue to problem-solve on our end to find ways we can support your work and ease the burden you’re facing.  Additionally, we will be archiving all of these communications and other information on our webpage so you can find them for easy referenceRead more.

    Dear CAMI RSP Grantees,
    If you identify direct service needs, or innovations to support direct services, you have discretion to redirect CAMI RSP funds to that work during this crisis. Any expenses must still be allowable under CAMI (eg child  assessment, advocacy, or treatment). If changes would impact delivery of our collective… Read more.

    I’m going to be sending out a couple quick items this morning. This first one builds on the email we sent out last week about the flexible use of your grants funds during this pandemic. Shortly, we will be collecting all of this various grant information and putting it on our webpage for easy reference. Hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. Thank you for all you do.
    S… Read more.

    Thank you for everything you are doing to support survivors, staff and colleagues during this unprecedented time. I know you are facing unexpected expenses and exploring creative ways to continue providing services. CVSSD is here for you. We want to support you in any way we can. And, to that end we are suspending or relaxing some of our budget requirements in the hope that it allows you more freedom to do what needs to be done…Read more.

    We will suspend (through the quarter ending June 30, 2020) the requirement to have progress reports completed and submitted prior to reimbursement of financial reports. Barring unusual circumstances or necessary corrections, we will process your financial reports as soon as we can to facilitate reimbursement as quickly as possible…Read more.

    We realize this is a trying time for programs as you try to navigate the ever-changing landscape with regard to COVID-19 response.  We have received a number of questions from grantees regarding issues arising out of this response.  At this point in time we can provide the following information in response to the questions we’ve seen… Read more.