Rights, Access, Equity, for All Victims

In Celebration of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week - April 24–30, 2022
Picture of five building in shades of blue, yellow, green, and orange. Next to the picture is the text that reads, “Rights Access Equity for all victims. Help crime survivors find their justice. National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 24-30, 2022”. CVRW 2022 Poster
Point to Your Language

This year, CVSSD is celebrating National Crime Victims’ Rights Week » by joining victim assistance programs and allied professionals around the state in improving access and equity for all victims and survivors. CVSSD is distributing a beautiful poster, reflecting the diversity of our state, to be hung in a visible place where it may be viewed by all who enter. “Point to your language” cards that allow people to easily identify their language needs will be available for printing online. QR codes are also available to help connect folks to information about crime victims’ rights, crime victims’ compensation, and reporting options for bias incidents and crimes and Sanctuary Promise violations. Check back to see the faces of those who work with, for, and on behalf of victims and survivors.

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