Statement by Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum on SCOTUS Idaho v. United States opinion

June 27, 2024
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“We are relieved that the Supreme Court did the right thing (in “legal speak” vacated its stay of the preliminary injunction) in Idaho v. United States. The bottom line is—at least for now—pregnant persons can legally receive abortion care in medical emergencies in Idaho and other states that ban abortions. This decision left undecided critical issues like whether Idaho acted within its rights or whether the federal law called EMTALA takes precedence over state abortion bans.

“For now, the case has been sent back to the lower courts. And, for now, patients in states with bans will still face great difficulty in accessing reproductive healthcare. Here in Oregon, we will continue to experience demand for services from patients traveling across the border from Idaho. We welcome them here and will not let up in our fight for safe and legal abortion care for all!”