Oregon Department of Justice

Restitution Pilot Project

In a criminal trial a judge may order an offender to pay restitution (a sum of money to help cover the cost of the damage they have caused) to the people they have harmed.

House Bill 3066, effective August 2, 2011, created an innovative pilot program to improve restitution efforts around the state. The competitive grant process resulted in awards to five county’s District Attorney’s offices: Multnomah, Lane, and Jackson, and collaboration between Crook and Jefferson.

The grants fund a minimum 0.5 FTE restitution clerk to value victim losses and prepare information for the DA to present to the court. The grantees were also required to establish Memoranda of Understanding with their local court and community corrections agencies in order to ensure a coordinated county effort in the ordering and collection of restitution.

The legislation also allowed DOJ’s Crime Victims’ Services Division to hire five Collection Agents to be out stationed in the counties receiving the Restitution Pilot Grants. The Collection Agents work closely with the DA’s office, court, community corrections offices, and offenders ordered to pay restitution to ensure the entire criminal money judgments are paid in full.

The pilot project was extended through December 31, 2013.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Shannon Sivell or Rebecca Shaw at 503-378-5348.