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March 23, 2005

Attorney General Hardy Myers today recommended that Oregon comprehensively overhaul laws and policies about the use of deadly force by police officers. Myers released a report detailing conclusions he reached after receiving the reports of his Task Force on Deadly Force and conducting several community meetings with peace officers, families of people killed in deadly force incidents and other citizens.

"Oregonians arm peace officers with deadly weapons and put them in harm's way in part to help keep us safe from crime," Myers said. "We can honor the challenging work of our peace officers and still have a transparent system that permits communities to exercise meaningful oversight."

Myers called on the Legislative Assembly to pass laws:

  • Requiring law enforcement agencies in every county to cooperate in the development of plans to provide better training for police officers, to improve relations between police and the communities that they serve and protect, and to provide greater support for everyone traumatized by an incident.
  • Requiring the development of "immediate aftermath" protocols that provide support for officers, their families and the families of those killed by an officer.
  • Prohibiting any law enforcement agency from taking sole charge of the investigation of incidents in which the agency's own officers caused a death.
  • Requiring that verbatim transcripts be compiled of testimony given to grand juries about officer-involved deaths, and that the transcripts be publicly released under most circumstances.
  • Require law enforcement agencies to collect, and the state to compile, data about incidents in which the use of deadly force causes death or injury requiring hospitalization.

"I am grateful for the hundreds of hours that were invested by my public safety colleagues and by interested citizens in the Deadly Force Task Force," said Myers. "Their diverse viewpoints and important insights were invaluable in the development of this report."

Myers will present these and other proposals to the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 24 at 1:00 p.m. in room 343 of State Capitol in Salem. An executive summary of Myers' report is attached.

The full report is available on line at ag_report_on_deadly_force.pdf,
the appendices are available at UDFAppendices1_7.pdf
and UDFAppendix8.pdf.


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