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Office Access Information

Oregon Child Support Offices

Most Oregon Child Support Program offices are open to the public. You can contact us by visiting any local office or one of these ways:

Online Account Access:
You can view your case and payment status and communicate with your case manager.

Contact Us by Phone:
Customer Service 800-850-0228
Call a branch office directly.

Contact Us by Email:
Email your case manager directly.

Make Payments:
Visit the Pay Support section of our website.

Tax Offset Information

Joint Filers

The Oregon Child Support Program holds tax refund offsets from joint tax returns for six months. The hold period allows tax authorities time to make adjustments, such as when a joint filer who does not owe support (known as an “injured spouse”) asks that their portion of the withheld payment be returned to them. See Oregon Administrative Rule 137-055-6021(1)(a). When the tax refund offset is believed to be fraudulent, the program may hold a joint filer offset for more than six months.

Single Filers

Tax refund offsets for single filers are usually released the day after. However, sometimes, such as when the tax refund offset is believed to be fraudulent, the program may hold a single filer offset for six months or more.

If you have questions, contact us at 800-850-0228 or through your online account.

1 If two spouses file a joint income tax return and one spouse has child support arrears, the spouse who does not owe the child support (referred to as the “injured spouse”) may file a claim for their share of the refund to be returned to them. This is referred to as an “injured spouse claim.”

Child Support Self-Assessment Report

The Federal Fiscal Year 2023 Self-Assessment Report is available here for download. The report is a PDF and requires Adobe Reader » to view.