Employer Resources Overview

What are Oregon Employers Required to Do?

In Oregon, most parents pay child support through income withholding, and employers have an important role to play. All employers are required to:

  • report new hires.
  • withhold income and forward payments to the Oregon Child Support Program.
  • enroll employees’ dependents in health insurance if available.

Oregon Employer Services Portal

The Oregon Employer Services Portal offers a one-stop shop for employers to manage their child support obligations, from reporting new hires to submitting payments and more. Visit the employer portal to learn more and get started. » 

Through the portal, employers can:

  • update company and employee information.
  • report new or rehired employees and terminations.
  • receive and respond to income withholding orders.
  • receive and respond to National Medical Support Notices.
  • submit child support payments.
  • add users within the company to process payroll and medical-related items.
  • authorize a third-party company to work on their behalf.

Child Support News for Employers

  • Foreign country income withholding orders: Oregon employers are not required to honor foreign income-withholding orders.
  • Change of payee: In certain circumstances, a jurisdiction providing services to the parent receiving support may request that Oregon amend the income withholding order to require the employer to send payments directly to the other jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions from Employers

We answer many of the child support questions we receive from employers. Read our FAQS for Employers here.

Contact Employer Services

Employer Services
Division of Child Support
Oregon Department of Justice
PO Box 14680
Salem, OR 97309


Fax: 877-877-7416 for new hire reporting, wage withholding, terminations, and medical support

Email ChildSupportEmployerServices@doj.state.or.us for wage withholding and medical support questions.
Email ACHEmployerQuestions@doj.state.or.us for payment questions.
Email EmplNewHire.help@doj.state.or.us for new hire reporting questions.

For questions about electronic payments, contact Employer Services by calling the number above, or email ACHEmployerQuestions@doj.state.or.us.

For your employee’s privacy and security, please do not email the employee’s full Social Security number. You may include the last four digits of the Social Security number when corresponding via email.