Online Account Overview


Online Account User Guide

Online Case Information

A secure online account is available for people who are a party to a child support case or who have the authorization to access case information. Click here to create your online account.

Parents and Families

Parents and caretaker relatives may use an online account to view and update information about their case. With your online account, you can:

  • Update your personal information (address, phone number, email, etc.)
  • View payment and case information
  • View and track scheduled appointments
  • Upload documents
  • Correspond electronically with the Oregon Child Support Program


An online account can give you access to case information for your clients with a child support case.

Third-Party Inquiries

For payment records for third-party inquiries (including income verification requests related to housing), please submit a signed Authorization to Disclose Support Records (PDF) » by email to If you do not have email, fax it to 503-947-2578.

Note: If you obtain information fraudulently or without specific authorization, you may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

Title Companies and Escrow Agents

Contact the Title and Escrow Assistance Desk by email or by phone at 503-986-2518 to discuss any real estate transaction. Title companies and escrow agents can contact us to establish accounting services or determine whether a case for a customer already exists with the Oregon Child Support Program.

Insurance Payments and Settlements

If you have any information regarding an insurance or other settlement that may be payable to someone who owes child support, please contact:

Special Collections
Phone: 503-986-2518
Fax: 503-378-6012