Income Withholding and Methods of Payment

Child Support Payments Through Income Withholding

In Oregon, most child support collections are made through income withholdings arranged by employers. Employers are required to make income withholding payments to the Oregon Child Support Program after receiving and order or notice to do so, unless granted an exception.

An income withholding order is effective the same day it is received, and withholding begins at the next pay period. Payments must be submitted to the Division of Child Support within seven working days of the pay date.

How Employers Can Facilitate Payments

Oregon Employer Services Portal: We recommend employers use the free, secure, online Oregon Employer Services Portal to authorize regular bank debits for child support payments made to the Oregon Child Support Program on behalf of employees. Visit the Employer Services Portal »

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit Transfer: Employers may opt to pay through bank-to-bank ACH transfers. Banks may charge a fee for ACH transfers, and they do not recur automatically. Learn more about ACH Credit Payments.

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