Parenting Time Information

What’s the Difference between Custody and Parenting Time?

The terms custody and parenting time are both used in Oregon law. Many people do not understand the difference between custody and parenting time. Watch this video to learn more about custody and parenting time in Oregon.

Establishing a Parenting Plan

It’s important for families to build clear communication, cooperation, and coordination. One way to do this is developing a structured parenting plan to determine which days and nights each parent spends with the child. A parenting plan provides guidelines so that each parent —and child— knows what is expected. When parents have a signed parenting plan or a parenting time agreement, the Oregon Child Support Program will use that agreement to calculate child support.

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Parenting Plans – Why would you want one?

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Need Parenting Plan Help?

There are resources for parents who need help making a written parenting plan! You can learn more about parenting plans here.

Oregon Judicial Department Interactive Parenting Plan

The Oregon Judicial Department website has an online interactive interview for preparing a parenting plan. The parenting plan interview includes information about plans for children of different age groups, sample plans, and legal and safety resources. It will guide you through questions about you and your family to make and allow you to print your own custom plan. The parenting plan interview is available here.

Multnomah County Program for Separated Parents

Multnomah County Family Court Services receives federal grant funds through the Oregon Department of Justice Division of Child Support to assist parents who pay support increase their parenting time. This project helps parents by providing access to court and court-connected services. Available services include development of parenting plans, mediation, and parent education classes. At least one parent must be a resident of Multnomah County to access these services. For more information, please contact:

Multnomah County Family Court Services
Multnomah County Courthouse
1021 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 350
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503-988-3189