Rules Updated in the Last 90 Days

Permanent Rules Effective 03/01/24

Document Description
DOJ 05-2024 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-2360 Obligor Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Situations
137-055-2380 Obligor Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Situations
137-055-4060 Income Withholding – General Provisions, Requirements and Definitions

Permanent Rules Effective 02/01/24

Document Description
DOJ 03-2024 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-1140 Confidentiality of Records in the Oregon Child Support Program
137-055-4040 New Hire Reporting Requirements

Temporary Rules Effective 01/01/24

Document Description
DOJ 22-2023 Temporary Administrative Order
Summary Cover Letter