Rules Updated In The Last 90 Days

Permanent Rules Effective 04/08/22

Document Description
137-050-0735 Child Care Costs

Permanent Rules Effective 01/01/22

Document Description
DOJ 18-2021 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-1020 Child Support Program Definitions
137-055-1060 Uniform Application for Child Support Enforcement Services
137-055-1080 Fees
137-055-1090 Good Cause
137-055-1120 Case Closure
137-055-2020 Case Assignment
137-055-3290 Entry of Contingency Orders when Child Out of Care
137-055-3300 Incarcerated Obligors
137-055-3430 Substantial Change in Circumstance Review and Modification Of Child Support Order Amounts
137-055-3660 Multiple Child Support Judgments
137-055-4080 Exceptions to Income Withholding
137-055-5110 Child Attending School
137-055-6010 Definitions for Distribution and Disbursement
137-055-6022 Distribution and Disbursement

Permanent Rules Effective 12/03/21

Document Description
DOJ 17-2021 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-1070 Provision of Services
137-055-2045 Spousal Support
137-055-2140 Delegations to Administrative Law Judge
137-055-5510 Request for Credit Against Child Support Arrears for Physical Custody of Child
137-055-5520 Request for Credit Against Child Support Arrears for Social Security or Veterans’ Benefits Paid Retroactively on Behalf of a Child
137-055-6023 Exceptions to Allocation, Distribution, and Disbursement
137-055-6200 Adjusting Case Arrears when an Error is Identified

Permanent Rules Effective 10/08/21

Document Description
DOJ 12-2021 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-3140 Reopening of Paternity Cases
137-055-3480 Modification of a Support Order to Zero or Termination of a Support Order
137-055-5110 Child Attending School
137-055-6022 Distribution and Disbursement
137-055-6210 Advance Payments of Child Support – REPEALED
137-055-6220 Recovery of Overpayments and Collection of Receivable Accounts