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General Information

For a list of Oregon Child Support Offices and District Attorney Offices, please visit the Locations page.

If you have an open case with the Oregon Child Support Program, you may obtain 24-hour payment and case status information by telephone or online.

Access Telephone Information

Access the telephone information line using the following numbers:

TTY: 800-735-2900

When you call, you will be prompted to select whether to continue en español.

Information is available for the following:

  • Press 1: Last payment within 30 days, court ordered amount, and case balance
  • Press 2: Updating personal information
  • Press 3: Forms
  • Press 4: Child Attending School
  • Press 5: General information

Access Online Information

Visit the Case History page to access information about your case online.

  • Case status: Find the parties’ names, assigned child support office, whether the case has an order, and if there is a legal action in progress to establish or modify an order.
  • Payment history: For current balances and other accounting information.

Case-Specific Questions

If you have questions specific to a case, or if you would like to speak to a case manager, you may visit, call, fax or email the child support office nearest you.

For Employers

Contacting the Employer Services Team

Employer Services
Division of Child Support
Oregon Department of Justice
4600 25th Ave. NE, Ste. 180
Salem, OR 97301


Fax: 503-986-6266 for wage withholding, terminations, or medical support issues
Fax: 877-877-7416 to report new hires

Email for wage withholding and medical support questions.
Email for payment questions.
Email for new hire reporting questions.

For questions about electronic payments, contact Employer Services by calling the number above, or email

Note: For your employee’s privacy and security, please do not email the employee’s full Social Security number. You may include the last four digits of the Social Security number when corresponding via email.

See Employer Resources for more information.

For Title Companies and Escrow Agents

Contacting the Title and Escrow Assistance Desk

For Requests:

Fax to 503-986-0562 or 503-986-5379 or email securely to

Cover Page – Please include this cover page with the documents below.

Information needed to process requests:

  • Debtor’s full name
  • Debtor’s full Social Security number
  • Debtor’s written authorization (we cannot accept electronic signatures)
  • Copy of title report or credit report
  • Escrow number

For questions:

Phone: 503-986-2518

Response time for all requests:

3-4 business days
Business hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please mail all payments to:

Division of Child Support
Oregon Department of Justice
Title and Escrow Assistant Desk
P.O. Box 14670
Salem, OR 97309-5013

For express payment:

4600 25th Ave. NE, Ste. 180
Salem, OR 97301

*We do not verify income for creditors.  For payment records for third-party inquiries, (including income verification requests related to housing), please submit a signed Authorization to Disclose Support Records (PDF) by email to  If you do not have email, please fax it to 503-947-2578.

Insurance Payments and Settlements

If you have any information regarding an insurance or other settlement that may be payable to someone who owes child support, please contact Special Collections.

Phone: 503-373-7300
Fax: 503-378-6012

Complaints or Grievances

All customers are entitled to fair, professional, courteous, and accurate service. If you believe you have not received this, contact the office where your case resides and ask to speak with a lead worker or manager. If your concern is not resolved, you have the option of filing a grievance with Constituent Services. We will handle your grievance in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rule 137-055-1600.

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