Administrative Hearings Process

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Generally, if a parent submits a request for a hearing, it is because the parent doesn’t agree with the proposed child support order. The assigned case manager contacts the parent to see if they can reach a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case manager sends the parent’s hearing request to the Office of Administrative Hearings ». A case manager notifies the parents about the hearing by sending a packet of information with details regarding the hearing request and their child support case.

The Office of Administrative Hearings schedules a telephone hearing for both parents to attend. The Office of Administrative Hearings is a separate state agency and is completely independent from the Oregon Child Support Program. After the telephone hearing takes place, the administrative law judge issues a decision and hearings order. The case manager makes sure the information from the order is entered into the child support computer system and sends the hearings order to the parents and to be filed in court.

The Office of Administrative Hearings Guide For Parents:

Your Child Support Hearing – How to Prepare & Present Your Case (PDF) »
Audiencia de Manutención de Menores – Cómo Preparar y Presentar su Caso (PDF) »

For more information about requesting a hearing, contact your local child support office.

Steps in the Administrative Hearing Process

This process usually takes 90-180 days. However, it may take longer or resolve sooner depending on your family’s needs.

  1. A parent talks to his or her case manager about requesting a hearing.

    If the proposed child support order cannot be amended, the parent may submit the hearing request form included in the proposed order packet. This form must be received by the Child Support Program within 30 days of the date the parent was served.

  2. The case manager sends the parent’s hearing request to the Office of Administrative Hearings.

  3. The Office of Administrative Hearings contacts the parents to schedule a hearing.

    Parents should receive a hearing date within 30-60 days.

  4. A hearing occurs with an administrative law judge.

    • If the parent who requested the hearing fails to appear, their request for a hearing will be dismissed and the proposed order made final. See Pay Support for more information.
    • If the non-requesting parent fails to participate, the hearing will still happen but the administrative law judge will reach a decision with only one parent’s testimony.
  5. The administrative law judge makes a final decision.

    The Office of Administrative Hearings mails the decision to the parents and their case manager in 30-45 days.

  6. The Oregon Child Support Program begins enforcing the child support order.

    Unless the decision calls for a re-hearing, the Child Support Program files the child support order in court and begins enforcing it as appropriate. See Enforcement for more information.

  7. A parent may file an appeal in Oregon Circuit Court.

    If a parent disagrees with the final decision, the parent may appeal the child support order by filing a petition for review in a circuit court within 60 days after the Child Support Program files the order in court. Parents may want to contact the court or consult with an attorney. See Get Legal Help for more information.