Veterans Apportionment

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Veterans apportionment is a type of child and spousal support, received from a portion of a veteran’s retirement or disability. The apportionment is processed through the Department of Veterans Affairs and is paid directly to a custodial parent or former spouse.

You may file a claim for apportionment on behalf of the veteran’s spouse or child(ren) if the veteran resides separately.

Paying Support With Veterans Apportionment

If you pay child or spousal support and receive retirement or disability from the Veterans Administration, you can ask for a portion of the benefit to be sent directly to a custodial parent or former spouse for child support.

Once this benefit is established, you can ask for a modification of your child support order to get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your child support order calculation for future payments.

If the apportionment is already in place, you can request a credit for previous benefits along with the modification.

Receiving Support From Veterans Apportionment

If you are receiving support from a payor who receives retirement or disability from the Veterans Administration, you may qualify to receive a portion of that benefit.


To see if you qualify, and for more information, please contact our Program Military Liaison for details at or call 503-986-6138.​​​

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