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How We Help Veterans

The goal of the Oregon Child Support Program is to work with both parents to ensure every child receives the financial and emotional support they need to thrive.

The Program Military Liaison

The Oregon Child Support Program has a representative available to help Oregon veterans and their families. The Military Liaison can answer questions specific to military families and help you and your case manager take advantage of every opportunity to provide for your children. We may be able to help by:

  • reviewing your child support order to make sure it is correct based on your income.
  • helping you pursue a modification of the monthly support obligation while you get back on your feet.
  • assisting you to set up a monthly payment plan to avoid garnishment once you have obtained a job.
  • working with you to reinstate your driver’s license or prevent your license from being suspended for nonpayment.
  • making sure you are taking advantage of all your military benefits and other opportunities to receive credit toward your child support obligation.

Contact the Military Liaison for the Oregon Child Support Program at 503-986-6138 or Collect calls are accepted.

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