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Who can I contact about changing the current child support laws?

The Oregon Child Support Program itself does not have the authority to make changes to state or federal laws.

Oregon State Legislature – Find Your Legislator »

You may also email your concern or suggestion to Constituent Services at Constituent.Desk@doj.state.or.us.

Will this affect the current child support I receive?

Maybe. You may voluntarily request we use future support to pay the receivable caused by the overpayment. Or, if you do not send us a payment or comply with a payment agreement, we can withhold 20% of each of your future child support payments until the debt is repaid. Even if an agreement has been made, if no payments are received on a receivable account within 90 days of the date on the first notice, it may be referred to the Oregon Department of Revenue for collection. If a payment is not received on a receivable account at least once every 90 days, the debt also may be referred to the Department of Revenue.

I qualified for the one-time $600 Oregon stimulus payment for low-income workers that the Oregon Department of Revenue is issuing by July 2022. Will this stimulus payment be intercepted for past-due child support? (Updated 5-6-2022)

No. This relief payment is not subject to intercept or garnishment.

What is Electronic Payment Withdrawal (EPW)?

Electronic Payment Withdrawal (EPW) is a payment option. This service lets our qualifying customers pay support electronically, rather than through income withholding or sending checks or money orders. This service allows the Child Support Program to electronically pull monthly support from a financial institution account. There are two types of EPW: EPW 1 and EPW 2.

  • EPW 1 is an exception to income withholding. Automatic monthly payments may be set up instead of regular income withholding when the parent receiving support (or the child attending school, if applicable) agrees and there is no past-due support owed. The person paying support may request one or two withdrawal dates per month, as long as the full monthly amount is paid on or before the court-ordered due date.
  • EPW 2 is in addition to income withholding or an alternative if income withholding is not possible. Automatic monthly payments may be set up to supplement regular income withholding, or when income withholding is not available because the parent paying support is self-employed, underemployed, or unemployed. EPW 2 may be set up for active cases or those with a judgment only. The case may have arrears, and does not need to be currently accruing monthly support. The person paying support may elect any withdrawal amount, and may request one or two withdrawal dates in the month the payment is due.

If the error was not my fault, am I still responsible?

Yes. No matter what – or who – caused the error, you received a financial benefit and are responsible for repayment. Either funds were sent to you that should not have been, or you received credit for a payment, but we did not receive the related funds. The receivable amount created by the overpayment must be collected back by the Oregon Child Support Program.

Am I going to be charged a fee?

You may be charged a fee in some circumstances. If your receivable resulted from a dishonored payment, you may be charged a fee of $35. This fee applies to checks and electronic payments. We will charge the fee one time only, even if we try to deposit your payment more than once.

If you do not repay the receivable, and we must send the debt for collection to the Oregon Department of Revenue, a fee up to 30 percent of the referred amount may be added to cover the cost of collections.

Are all payments of child support sent electronically?

All child support payments to parents receiving support are intended to be paid electronically. Child support disbursements are made either by direct deposit to a bank account or onto a ReliaCard—unless an exception has been granted. The first payment may be sent by check.

I received a notice telling me I owe an overpayment debt (creating a receivable). What if I disagree with the notice?

Your written request for an administrative review of the debt must be received within 30 days from the date of the first notice you received. We will complete the review within 30 days of your request and send a written response.

What does “dishonored payment” mean?

A dishonored payment is a payment that was returned unpaid to the Oregon DOJ Division of Child Support from your bank. Payments can be returned dishonored due to a lack of funds in your account, a closed account, an inaccurate account number, or similar reasons.

Where can I mail a child support payment?

Mail checks or money orders payable to Oregon Child Support Program to:

Oregon Child Support Program
Oregon Department of Justice
PO Box 14506
Salem, Oregon 97309

Please include the child support case numbers or the last four digits of the Social Security Number.

Most parents who pay support use income withholding to pay their child support obligations. This means the employer automatically withholds child support payments from the parent’s paycheck and sends them to the Oregon Child Support Program.

If granted an exception, the parent who pays support may choose an alternative method of payment, such as an electronic payment withdrawal from their bank account, payment by check, or money order.

For more information, see Pay Support.