How Paying Child Support Works

Paying Child Support

In Oregon, most parents pay child support by payroll deduction. Employers withhold the support amount from the paycheck of parents who pay support and forward it to the Oregon Child Support Program after receiving a notice to do so. We pass the payment along to the parent receiving support. Employers may charge a fee of up to $5 a month per case to the employee.

Other Ways to Pay

Parents who want to make additional payments, are self-employed, live overseas, or anyone making a payment on behalf of someone else may use the following alternative payment methods:

Paying Child Support on Behalf of Someone Else

To make payments on behalf of someone else you will need:

  1. Child support case number(s)
  2. Name and address of the parent who pays support

A fee may be assessed by the vendor for some alternative payment methods.

Find Unclaimed Child Support Funds

Parents are required to notify us within 10 days of a change in address or contact information. We need current information to maintain regular delivery of child support payments.

We may be holding money that belongs to you. Search for unclaimed child support funds here.

See Employer Resources to learn more about facilitating child support payments and complying with an Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support (PDF) ».