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May 8, 2007

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced the conviction of Farzad Larki, a Portland-area convenience store retailer, for violations of the state's tobacco tax laws. Farzad Larki, an owner and operator of 21st Ave Quick Stop in Northwest Portland, pleaded guilty today to a felony charge of Unlawful Distribution of Tobacco Products in Marion County Circuit Court.

The case was investigated and prosecuted by officials from the Tobacco Compliance Task Force, which includes the Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Justice, and Oregon Department of Revenue.  Investigators confirmed that, for several years, Larki illegally purchased untaxed tobacco products from an Arizona-based tobacco distributor.  Larki then sold the tobacco without reporting and paying the tax owed to the Oregon Department of Revenue, a violation of state law.

Larki was ordered to pay a compensatory fine in excess of $16,180 to the Oregon Department of Revenue.  Larki also was ordered to perform 160 hours of community service and serve 18 months of supervised probation.


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