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2002 Media Releases

December 2002

Dec 30 Hardy Myers Announces Agreement with First USA/Bank One
Dec 20 Myers Announces Settlement With The Ford Motor Company
Dec 10 Mobile Homes Dealer Causes Problems For Buyers
Dec 3 Myers Files Agreement With Boat Manufacturer

November 2002

Nov 27 AG Myers Stops Ohio Phony Invoice Scheme
Nov 19 DOJ Report Profiles 20 Charities
- Charitable Giving; It Makes a Difference - Oregon Attorney General's Charity Profiles 2002 (pdf)
Nov 19 Oregon Attorney General and Washington Secretary of State will hold a joint press conference to discuss charitable giving issues
Nov 11 Myers Announces $15 Million Agreement With Wholesale Energy Marketer Williams
Nov 8 Attorney General Sues Veterans Community Service
Nov 7 AG Myers Moved to Intervene in Lawsuit Brought Against Oregon Taxpayers United
Nov 6 AG Hardy Myers today filed Oregon's responding brief in State of Oregon v. John Ashcroft, the state's defense of the voter-approved Death with Dignity Act
Nov 4 AG Files Agreement Against Georgia Bank for Incorrect Late Fees Charged to JC Penny Credit Card Holders

October 2002

Oct 31 Oregon Joins State/Federal Effort to Block Proposed Satellite TV Merger Between Echostar and Hughes Electronic
Oct 29 Attorney General Files Assurance Against Ron Tonkin Dealerships
Oct 29 Five 'No Call' Law Violators Sign Assurance; Pay Fines
Oct 15 Justice Files Proofs of Claim in ENRON Bankruptcy Proceeding
Oct 11 AG Myers Announces $484 Million Settlement with Household International
Oct 3 Attorney General Files Court Actions Against Two Southern Oregon Companies

September 2002

Sep 30 Attorney General Announces $142 Million CD Antitrust Settlement
Sep 23 Attorney General Announces Kamna Sentencing for Stealing from the Oregon Medicaid Program

August 2002

Aug 27 Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced that 770 Oregonians are receiving a second notice regarding refunds from Publishers Clearing House
Aug 13 AG joins the chief law enforcement officers of 42 other states, the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories in announcing that Exxon Mobil Corp. has voluntarily agreed to implement major new policies to reduce the sale of tobacco products to minors
Aug 8 Attorney General Hardy Myers announced how to respond to Nigerian advance fee scheme
Aug 7 Attorney General Hardy Myers and Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis announced an extensive settlement with Pacific Surimi LLC
Aug 5 Attorney General Hardy Myers and Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis schedule news conference for Wednesday, August 7, 2002

July 2002

Jul 31 Attorney General Issues Alert On Fraudulent "No Call" Telemarketers
Jul 26 Attorney General Files Assurances With Two Manufactured Home Dealers
Jul 25 Attorney General Announces Lawsuit Settlement With Florida-based Telemarketer Fundraisers, Inc.
Jul 24 Attorney General Myers Files Agreement with Angel's Auto Body of Hillsboro
Jul 22 Attorney General Sues Albany Spa Man For Taking Money From Consumers and Not Providing Spas or Repairs
Jul 16 Attorney General Myers Wants FDA to Regulate Ariva "Tobacco Candy"
Jul 12 Oregon, FTC, & 30 other States Settle Lawsuits with Mylan Labs

June 2002

Jun 17 Attorney General Myers Announces Indictment of North Coast Senior Services Agency Employee for 24 Felony Counts Including Fraud
Jun 13 Attorney General Myers Files Court Actions Against Unlicensed Construction Contractors
Jun 11 Attorney General Warns Oregonians of Phoney Publishers Clearing House Scams
Jun 4 Attorney General Sues Bristol-Myers Squibb for Monopolizing the Marketplace to Sell Cancer-Fighting Drug, Taxol

May 2002

May 30 Texas Telemarketer Using Collect Calls to Pitch Vacation Packages to Consumers is Out of Business in Oregon
May 23 Attorney General Files Actions Against Four Companies for Consumer Law Violations
May 9 Attorney General Myers and Secretary of State Bradbury Announce Sentencing Agreement and Make Recommendations on Signing Initiative Petitions
May 9 Department of Justice Signs Agreement With Weyerhaeuser

April 2002

Apr 25 Attorney General Permanently Stops Nevada Corp From Selling Magnetic Mattress Pads in Oregon
Apr 24 Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces 2nd Court Action Against Gresham Independent Insurance Agent
Apr 18 AG to Commemorate Crime Victims Rights Week With April 22 Ceremony at Oregon State Capitol
Apr 17 Attorney General Myers Comments On Physician-Assisted Suicide Ruling
Apr 9 Attorney General Myers Files 9 Agreements Relating to Telecommunications Cases
Apr 4 Attorney General Myers Files 9 Court Actions Against Unlawful Construction/Landscape Contractors

March 2002

Mar 5 Attorney General Myers Closes Down Lake Oswego Mail Order CD Company

February 2002

Feb 28 Citibank Agrees to Major Reforms In Telemarketing Pitches to Customers
Feb 27 Attorney General Hardy Myers Files Agreement With a Portland Alternative Health Products Company For Selling Bogus Bioterrorism Product on the Internet
Feb 22 AG Files Objection to Enron's Attempt To Get $30 Million Advance Payment
Feb 21 Attorney General Myers & Dept. of Corrections Debut New Victim Information Notification System
Feb 20 Attorney General Myers Files Seven Court Actions Against Construction and Landscape Contractors
Feb 14 Attorney General Myers Files Judgement Against Bend 'Payday' Loan Operation & Owner
Feb 12 Attorney General Myers Files $575,000 Agreement With Qwest Corporation and Affiliate Qwest Wireless LLC
Feb 11 Attorney General Files Agreement With Obsidian Services, Inc. of Bend
Feb 4 Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaints
Feb 1 Bend Unlicensed 'Payday' Loan Operation Temporarily Closed Down by Attorney General

January 2002

Jan 29 Attorney General and Health Licensing Office File Action Against Nevada Hearing Aid Business
Jan 17 Attorney General Files Settlement Agreement With Illinois Business With Crews Selling Door-to-Door
Jan 14 Attorney General Myers Obtains Judgment Against Pacific Health Center, Inc.
Jan 11 Former Executives of Coast Rehabilitation Services Convicted of Tax Evasion Connected to Work at CRS
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