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$986,364 will be Distributed to 56 Projects in 30 Oregon Counties

September 16, 1999

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced the distribution of more than $980,000 to new projects in Oregon that will enhance the level of services available to crime victims. Under the federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant program, $986,364 will be distributed to 56 projects in 30 Oregon counties. Myers expects the grants to assist in providing services to thousands of crime victims across the state.

"Without these funds, many Oregonians would not have access to important services and innovative programs that assist crime victims," Myers said.

Awarded annually, Victims of Crime Act funds supplement efforts to fund programs that provide services to crime victims. The funds are generated entirely by fines, penalty assessments, forfeited bonds and "literary profits" collected by the federal government from convicted federal criminals. A wide range of programs benefit from the funds, including programs that assist crime victims in overcoming the emotional trauma of victimization and programs that ensure crime victims are educated and receive notice about various criminal justice proceedings and services.

In addition to funding 56 new projects, Myers earlier this year approved the distribution of $1.7 million in continuation grants to projects already benefiting from the VOCA grant program.

Sharing in this year's distribution is a Eugene-based program that uses self-defense training to help victims of sexual assault feel more comfortable with themselves and their environment. New project funding also will result in the hiring of a mental health professional in Linn County to assist families and child victims of sexual assault and will enable Clackamas County to hire a victim advocate to provide effective client assistance for the collection of current and delinquent compensatory fines and restitution awards. Moreover, Klamath County will benefit from the services of a sexual assault victim advocate and Washington County will hire a full time crime victim program educator/volunteer coordinator.

To be eligible for funding, a program must provide direct services to victims and fall into at least one of five categories: child abuse; domestic violence; sexual abuse; general (victim) assistance or previously underserved. The previously underserved category includes programs that provide services to victims of hate and bias crimes, gang violence, elder abuse, homicide and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

A five-member advisory panel reviewed 73 applications and made funding recommendations to Myers. With some exceptions, both the new project awards and continuation grants are valid for one year. A complete list of new project recipients, organized by county, is attached. Please contact grant recipients directly for information about their projects.

2000 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) New Project Grant Recipients

Note: dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest hundred.


Mayday, Inc: $16,400


Benton County Victim Assistance: $3,300

Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence: $15,000


Clackamas Community Corrections: $13,900

Clackamas County District Attorney: $31,000 (for two projects)

Clackamas Women's Services: $22,000


Clatsop County Women's Resource Center: $5,500


Columbia County District Attorney: $22,600

Columbia County Women's Resource Center: $22,700


Coos County Women's Crisis Service: $5,800


Curry County District Attorney: $9,600


Central Oregon Battering and Rape Alliance: $13,200


Grant County District Attorney: $5,000


Harney Helping Organization: $25,900

Hood River

Project Helping Hands Against Violence: $21,600


Community Works: $21,200

Jackson County Child Abuse Task Force: $12,300

Jackson County District Attorney: $19,000

Jackson Southern Oregon Child Study and Treatment Center: $50,000


Jefferson County District Attorney: $4,500


Josephine County District Attorney: $6,500

Women's Coalition of Josephine County: $3,000


Klamath Crisis Center: $42,900 (two projects)


Child Advocacy Center of Lane County: $25,000

Lane County Crime Victim and Survivor: $8,800

Sexual Assault Support Services: $30,000

Siuslaw Area Women's Center: $23,800

Voices of Oregon: $5,000

Womenspace: $30,000


Lincoln County Children's Advocacy Center: $6,800


ABC House: $40,400


Project DOVE: $15,000


Liberty House: $46,300

Marion County District Attorney: $20,500

Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Service: $8,700


Elders in Action: $21,300

Oregon Human Development Corporation: $50,000

Portland Women's Crisis Center: $6,600

Volunteers of America of Oregon, Inc.: $16,900

YWCA of Greater Portland: $13,000


Polk County District Attorney: $15,000

SABLE House: $15,000


Tillamook County District Attorney: $11,200


Umatilla County District Attorney: $30,000


Shelter from the Storm: $23,000

Union County District Attorney: $3,500


Safe Harbors: $8,100 (two projects)

Wallowa County District Attorney: $4,300


HAVEN from Domestic Violence: $10,600


Rape Crisis Center, Inc.: $16,500

Washington County Department of Aging and Veterans: $60,000


Henderson House: $8,600

Yamhill County District Attorney: $19,300


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