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School/Community Safety Coalition

October 22, 1999

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced the formation of the Attorney General's School/Community Safety Coalition. The Coalition is comprised of representatives from law enforcement, juvenile courts, K-12 education, student leadership organizations, and children's mental health programs. (See attached roster)

"I will ask the Coalition to achieve three goals," Myers said. "First, it will conduct a statewide assessment of the state of school safety in Oregon, focusing on model programs and partnerships between schools and communities that work to ensure a safe school environment. The Coalition will issue a 'white paper' on its findings as early next year as possible."

"Second, the Coalition will compile a resource manual of written materials produced by various law enforcement and school entities that could be reproduced at low cost for school districts and local law enforcement. The manual would consolidate into one place existing information such as model policies and programs, website referral information and other resources that school and law enforcement officials may use in making local decisions about preventing school violence and responding to a crisis should one occur."

"Third, the Coalition will provide an ongoing forum to discuss issues of mutual concern to school officials and law enforcement, develop/circulate proposed legislation, and possibly make recommendations to future legislatures."

The Coalition may also discuss issues related to implementing legislation passed by the 1999 Legislative Assembly or other topics related to school safety, Myers said.


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