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Attorney General Announces Fund For People With Physical Disabilities

May 11, 2000

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced a new charitable fund, the Attorney General's Fund for People with Physical Disabilities, that will distribute approximately $335,000 in grants for services to people with physical disabilities. The Fund, to be administered by The Oregon Community

Foundation, will give priority to programs that serve people who are visually impaired. "I hope the funds will be used to provide vocational training and other job-related opportunities for people with disabilities," Myers said. "There are many capable Oregonians who, with a little assistance, could be very productive and valuable employees."

The Department of Justice Charitable Activities Section negotiated receipt of the funds according to a 1997 settlement involving the conversion to a for-profit organization a charity that served people who are visually impaired. As part of the settlement, the Department collected settlement funds over a two-year period. After receiving the all of the funds, the Department entered an agreement with The Oregon Community Foundation to administer the grant program.

"In turning over the grant administration to the Oregon Community Foundation, we are assured a timely and professional process of considering and awarding grants," Myers said. "The Foundation will invite all eligible service providers to submit proposals for its consideration." For information about the grants, contact the Megan Schumaker at the Oregon Community Foundation, (503) 227-6846


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