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Deputy AG David Schuman Returns to Teaching Law; AG Myers Appoints Pete Sheperd as Successor

November 22, 2000

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced that Deputy Attorney General David Schuman is leaving the Department of Justice effective January 1, 2001 to return to teaching at the University of Oregon Law School. Schuman's two-year leave from the University of Oregon had been extended several times so as to allow him to serve as Deputy Attorney General. Additional extensions would put his academic tenure with the University at risk, Myers said.

"David's keen intelligence and knowledge of the law of government, his integrity and diligence and his sense of humor have made him a truly remarkable Deputy," Myers said. "He has rendered outstanding public service to the Department, the wider government, and the people of Oregon."

Myers named Peter Shepherd as Schuman's successor effective January 1, 2001.

Shepherd joined the Department of Justice in 1987, serving as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Justice and Civil Enforcement Divisions. He was Attorney in Charge of the Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection Section of the Civil Enforcement Division prior to Myers appointing him Special Counsel in 1999.

"Peter's legal skills, clear-sighted and mature judgment and his personal integrity make him a worthy successor to David," Myers said.

The Deputy Attorney General is a statutory position and is authorized to exercise all powers and carry out all responsibilities of the Attorney General in the Attorney General's absence.

Myers also named Phil Schradle to replace Peter Shepherd as Special Counsel, effective January 1, 2001. Schradle joined the Department of Justice in 1983 and has been Attorney in Charge of the Appellate Division's Civil/Administrative Appeals Unit since 1993.

"I am pleased to be able to choose Phil Schradle from among the Department's many bright, talented lawyers," Myers said. "He brings to the position a broad understanding and depth of experience in the law of government that is an essential element of my leadership team."


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