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Oregon Attorney General Myers To Investigate Supply and Pricing of Electricity on the Pacific Coast

January 30, 2001

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced that he is investigating whether current conditions in the supply and pricing of electricity on the Pacific Coast have resulted in any violations of state or federal consumer protection and antitrust laws affecting Oregon.

"Electric power is a fundamental daily need," Myers said, "and Oregonians are facing dramatic increases in the costs of that power for both residential and business uses. Although Oregon has limited resources to devote to such an investigation, we will do everything our resources permit to ensure that current and future market conditions are solely the outgrowth of lawful factors."

In making his announcement, Myers noted that Securities and Exchange Commission filings by some power generators show their quarterly profits were 15 to 20 times greater than for the same period a year ago. "Profit increases of this magnitude in a short period sharpen the need to ensure the market is operating lawfully," Myers said.

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer recently launched an investigation into allegations of collusion, price manipulation, unfair business practices and other possible violations of antitrust law. Attorney General Christine Gregoire of Washington today also announced her intention to investigate electricity pricing and supply in Washington. Myers confirmed he will be cooperating with California and Washington.


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